Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Search of Reading Materials

Does anyone read blogs anymore? I guess maybe everyone subscribes to them and no one comments? I went looking for blogs this weekend. I find that most of the ones I read have been suffering from a serious lack of posting. I want something to read, y'all- something light, but interesting, something witty and intelligent, but not laboriously so, something like if Nora Ephron had a blog. Does Nora Ephron have a blog? No, I don't think she does. Too bad. Anyway, none of the blogs I looked at had any comments either, except the ones that had twenty-something. I found a couple of those on the sidebars of some of my friends' blogs. That is mostly where I looked, links from someone else's blog or Gmail's recommendations. I enjoy the fact that Gmail gives me blog recommendations. 

I will tell you, there are a whole lot of boring blogs out there. (None of them belong to my friends though ;) !) Type number one is the type where it is all pictures of someone's children. And while I love hearing about my friends' children, I don't want to hear about children of parents I don't know. Is that awful? Well, if it is, sorry. I tend to think that those sorts of blogs are only for the grandparents and family anyway. I can't imagine my parents knowing how to look up a blog. In fact, they are the only people I don't want reading my blog. I am pretty sure I am safe in that regard. Although, in hind sight, I do have memories of my mother knowing things she could only have known from snooping around my room. So, for all I know, she is a Pretty Funny for a Girl lurker extraordinaire. Anyway, the other thing about these sorts of blogs is that while everyone is likely to mention their children at one time or another if they are being at all personal, most of the non-boring blogs will have a variety of posts about a variety of things. I have several friends who put lots of pictures up of their kids, but they also post about what is happening in their lives, or about some sort of project they have been working on, or recipes, or interesting thises and thats. This also ensures that when their children are mentioned, it will be for interesting things, and not just for daily photo ops on the kitchen floor. 

I also saw a lot of boring blogs about all the stuff that people want or have just bought or want to have bought or have that they wanted and bought. Do people have no shame? Yes, I did just post about a CD and a super cute owl mug. But you know, all things in moderation. I remember our pastor in Birmingham teaching on contentment and greed and reminding us that there are some stores and some catalogs we know better than to go in or look at. That is why the Kelly's Kids catalog has lain on the floor of our van unopened for several weeks. Notice though, that I have not thrown it away in all this time, in spite of several sweep throughs to get out all the trash. So, I'm guilty, totally and completely. Which is why I cannot imagine going as far as publishing a blog devoted to greed! They don't think it is greed; they think it is fashion, whether for the home or the child or the woman or all of the above. But it is what it is, daily posts about stuff- it's embarrassingly American.

There are also a lot of craft blogs. I can enjoy the occasional rainy day kid's craft. I guess these are nice resources. And maybe that is all they aim to be, resources. I just can't get into the daily consumption of crafty ideas. But I suppose, that is just my personality. Because I can very much get into the daily consumption of cooking ideas. I make a note of the recipes I want to try, and then I'm on my way. So, I relent. Bravo, crafty blogs. Because some people really like crafts. Okay, I shouldn't start on this here, but I have to ask, what do people do with crafts? My kids' crafts inevitably end up in a drawer. Drawings are nice, they hang on the fridge for a while, they fit nicely in a manilla envelope or scrapbook, or they can even be framed. But I never know what to do with the sponge painted lunch bags, the popsicle stick baby Jesus in the manger, the three dimensional tissue paper flowers, or the "instrument" made from recycled toilet paper tubes. But it is nice for a while, I suppose. I'm sure I'll be glad I saved everything some day. But what about adult crafting? Decoupage is an absolute mystery to me. 

Then there is the spiritual blog. Oh dear. I know that I reference what I believe often, and that I expound on the things I have been hashing through. I really have no problem with anyone doing this. If you are a Christian, the topic is bound to come up every now and then. And there are some blogs that are always devotional or theological and that's the whole point. Here, we know what we're getting when we check in and fully expect something deep or devotional or whatever. It's the nominally personal ones that are really more often ambushingly (that's right, "ambushingly") preachy or even prayery (yep, "prayery" too) that kind of rub me the wrong way. I shouldn't mention this without being able to expound on it. It could be something as self centered as if I don't agree with the views of the author, I don't like it. And I'm probably guilty of that. I think though, that the blogs I'm talking about have something else in common, a kind of self importance, a "hey look at me!" quality that seems kind of hypocritical. I joke with George about these kinds of bloggers being "horn tooters." Well, I really shouldn't have even brought this up; I can't really communicate what I am trying to. Give me a holler if you know what I'm getting at though. 

So what is left? There's the humorous blog, the non-boring personal blog (non-boring because you know or have something in common with the author) and the recipe blog. What else am I missing? There are truckloads of good blogs out there; I'm sure of it. Let me hear about your favorites. But no horn tooters, please!  ;) 


Wright Family said...

My blog falls under the boring pictures of the kids category:) I am not really sure if many people even read mine anymore. It has turned into a way for me to document the things that I am sure to forget about my children's days. Nathaniel made it into a book for me for Christmas. I really don't know of one that fits the category you are looking for. I read a few blogs of friends but they are mostly pictures or crafts. Then there is one I read whose story is hard and sad to read at times but she points to Jesus and is honest and raw about her feelings too. I can share it if you want but it's not always light. Sometimes the blogs I read make me feel bad about myself and like I should be a better mom, "good Christian" wife, etc. But then I remember that it is just an excerpt of their life and that things are probably not always rosy. And I hope that in my attempts to document my kids' lives that I don't make other people feel bad because I make us seem rosy. Heaven knows we are NOT always that way.

Wright Family said...

Here is one I love about a girl serving in Africa. She's a guardian of 9 children and I think she's only 20 yrs. old. The grammar will drive you nuts {or it does me} but it is fabulous. Start from the beginning.

Abby said...

thanks, rebekah! and i hoped to have made it clear that i love my friends' blogs! i think that is how i know that people subscribe but don't comment. because i have to pull up the blog itself to comment, so i don't often do that. but i read every post! i will edit this in the main content, george said it wasn't necessary, but i have been linking to all the blogs gmail recommends to me and down the sidebars of a couple of friends with lots of links too. so, i am talking about people i don't know. which is rude. oh well.

i see what you're saying about the posts that make you feel like you should be doing something better. i think that is along the lines of what bugs me. i tend to think that they are trying to do that - to make themselves sound really pious and to make other people think well of them. and that drives me insane. but i shouldn't assume that. i mean, maybe i have come across that way before.

Abby said...

oh, and also rebekah, you do have the variety of kids updates, kids crafts, and what's going on with you. not to mention your links to your etsy shops (adult crafts gone right!- because they're practical, not decorative. do you think that could be the distinction? i think i'm on to something here. decoupage shoe box? what for? handcrafted papers? super cute thank you notes!) anyway, you have a great blog! not that you need me to tell you that. i laughed out loud that anna walton has been praying for a baby brother named sally!

renae said...


I miss my blog, and I miss yours, too... I guess baby #5 sucked out my bloggy-attention span. But as long as it's going to generate some good milk, I guess that's OK ;) ... just taking a few minutes to check into a long-lost world that used to almost consume my days!!

I did a short post this morning, and saw it was my first one in almost 2 months! Instead of a break during lent, I should do the opposite and do a post a day or something just to get back into the habit of reflecting and writing.

I don't have any super-intelligent books to recommend, but a fun, witty fast read that Sophie's teacher lent me is No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

I'll try to catch up with your posts soon to see what y'all've been up to... miss you at TFS and hope all is well!!

true blessings said...

wow, you're funny for a girl..anyways , yes I was thinking the same sorta , as you can see , my blog is pretty new , but I'm thinking about closong the account because I hardly recieve any comments, I recently found yours and your is funny so I read it everyday....what category does mine fall under???

jennifer h said...

I've been blogging for 7 years. In the first 2 3 years, I posted 2 - 3 times a week, and I had tons of comments. I am much worse about posting now than I used to be, and I get comments mostly from my mother-in-law. But I don't think I'll drop it because I was blogging before everybody else did, and the circumstances in my life will change so that my blog will become more interesting. My blog is like my life . . . it ebbs and flows. If it doesn't disintegrate into cyberspace somehow, when I am old, it will be fun to read old posts and reflect on my life.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Yikes, my minding is full of the critical comments people probably make about my blog!!

Abby said...

renae! it's so great to hear from you! i'll have to hop over and see your new post. i was wondering how to find your site just the other day. i figured i would have to dig through some old comments until i found you! but here you are! hurray!

jennifer, one thing you are really good at is commenting on other people's blogs. i never comment on anyone else's blog so i really don't expect anyone to comment on mine either. i was just surprised when i started noticing a bunch of blogs with zero comments.

true blessings, hi! i didn't know you read my blog! well, i shall have to read yours now. i will enjoy "getting to know you" when i get the chance :)

GBU- oh gosh, you know i am kidding around! and even if people say rude things about your blog (because obviously, my joking is rather rude!) what can you do? just keep being yourself! i have to remind myself of that all the time. i know some people look here and say yuck!, but i just remember that they don't have to see my blog to be yucked out by me! ha ha! if they're going to be, they're going to be. can't please everyone all the time, right? doesn't bob dylan say something like that? i am TRYING ( thought rarely succeeding) to be okay with that. let the blogging continue!

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