Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mundanity and Melody

I didn't realize I had only posted twice this week! Sorry about that. I know, you were all irate. You can't go for more than a day without reading about the mundane details of my life! Well, cheer up, I have more mundanity. Hey, look at that, mundanity's a word! You can't make it possessive though. (I wasn't trying to, actually; I was trying to make it a contraction.) 

I did think it important to let you all know that the car is drivable. Hurray! It already needed repairs to be legit, and I don't think the slippery sequence of events made things any worse. So, good news. 

I also thought I'd put up a poll for our puppy's name once we narrow it down to a few good, solid choices- well, unless in doing so we get real firm about one in particular. We are still toying with Heidi, Cotton (just because so many of you have actually said you liked it), Gretta (Nathan's suggestion- we like it!) and Matilda (you know, like in Zoolander- "Is it alright if I call you Matil?"). There's a new idea every twenty minutes around here, so don't worry if you think all of those qualify as cruelty to animals. 

In other news, we are no longer snowed in. There are still several inches of snow on the ground, but the driveway and the roads are fairly clear. We had an errand marathon today to make up for lost time, but I still don't know how homeschool moms get anything done. We missed a naptime, ate dinner at eight o'clock, and never even did homeschool! Plus, I didn't even go to the grocery store! Y'all, how is that even possible?! I am the worst with time! I did manage to make it to Bible study at church this morning and to Amabel's basketball practice tonight at least. In the future, I shall have to remember that Thursdays are busy enough without trying to go to the mall, Michael's, Target and consignment stores all in one day. Here I am at 10:45PM with a new eye pencil, two Valentine's cookie cutters, and $170 of who knows what from Target (I know! I was shocked at the total too!-- diapers, TP, PTs, Lysol wipes, puppy treats, jeans for E, Valentine's candy/cards, gift wrap, Kleenex, dish soap, shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes... it adds up!), but an insanely messy house, a dishwasher and sink full of dirty dishes, and piles of laundry all over the floor in my bedroom. Tell me this is not just me! 

The only other thing I have to say is that I heard "Human" by the Killers four times on various radio stations as I did my errands. I decided what many other people before me have also decided, the lyrics make no sense. So I looked it up. And I found out some interesting things- well, interesting to me. I have already been dull enough for one post, but I have to at least say that I love love love that song. It is delicious. I really enjoy the Killers; I have ever since I first heard "Mr. Brightside" (not G rated, just so you know) and got goosebumps. It's like the music you always hoped was out there, and then you hear it, and you can't believe, and almost can't stand, that it's really real. I felt the same way the first time I heard U2's "Elvis Presley and America." That is a perfectly wonderful song that you really should hear if you have never had the pleasure- like honey or wine in musical form. Does that even make sense? I may be creeping everyone out at this point. And if so, sorry about that.


Practically Perfect... said...

Cotton is such a cute name! And I never would have thought of it!

wp said...

what about Deeojee, as in "D" "O" "G"... our niece's friend came up with that one! :)

courtney said...

I love the Killers, too.... and my husband LOVES them... They were here in Nashville last night, and he was so sad we couldn't go (with the wee one and all...) Anyway, they're fantastic.

I love Cotton. Ironic and unique.

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