Saturday, January 24, 2009

Once Again, Ebay Makes Abby Angry

It's time to talk about something. I have issues. It's nothing new. I've made posts about it before. But I need to talk about something different this time. I mean, it's been a problem for a while, but it is really just out of hand now. Ebay. I am about ready to just block it out of my life altogether. I mean, what is the deal with the ads at the top of the page? When did that start? I think it has been that way for a while, actually. But it is usually the spastic dancing alien/Barrack Obama ad, or the ones where you actually have to run your mouse over them to get them to move. But there is currently the flabby jiggling belly ad grossing me out, annoying the heck out of me, at the top of every window. What in the world?! Who thought of that ad? Who on earth is going to see that ad and think "Gosh, I reckon I should see what that's all about!" No one. No one wants to see that! Even if their belly looked like that, I am sure that it doesn't do the constant pulsating that the one in the ad is doing, and whether it does or not, I can't imagine the ad enticing them to click on a picture of it! I tried to figure out how to block the ads and it doesn't appear to be an option. Oh well, shopping on ebay is, and with shipping price gouging what it has become, it's probably a better idea to steer clear anyway. Although, one of my good friends did just win a Kitchenaid stand mixer for a hundred bucks. A hundred bucks?! Beautiful! But seeing as how I already have a Kitchenaid mixer and mostly just look for clothes for my kids on ebay, I think I may just bail.

Because WHY, when a tag and store clearly say Baby Gap, do you list the item in the kids clothes section? Seriously? It says Baby Gap and has a T after the size, T for toddler, and you're not going to list it in the "infants and toddlers" section? And you're not going to even mention the T? No, you're going to waste my time, clicking on your auction in the kids section, "boys size 5 GAP" just to find hidden in the description somewhere "purchased at Baby Gap" or "size 5T." 5 and 5T are not interchangeable, people. They're just not the same thing. You actually go back to a 4 in kids after you grow out of a 5T and then progress onward to a 5. They're nowhere close to the same thing. Honestly! And furthermore, why are some people listing kids sizes in the infants and toddlers' section? It's a reverse problem but I just don't understand how they expect their item to sell. Plus, because I know people do this, I have to search both sections "just in case." I think people must get confused because some Baby Gap and Gap Kids stores are combined. I would find this an acceptable excuse if the name of the line were not clearly printed in the label of each item of clothing. They sell both Ralph Lauren and Levi's at Macy's and I don't see anyone mixing those up! 

Well, you might think this is a dumb thing to be upset about. And it is. But it drives me batty. This is the second child I have had cross over into the kids sizes from toddler sizes, and shopping is already time consuming enough for three children without people listing their items in the wrong category. And why do I continue to shop on ebay? Because the alternative is to put three kids in the car and drive around from consignment shop to consignment shop hoping to find something. I shop brand names because it narrows things down to a manageable, browsable amount, and because I can trust name brands. If I were in a consignment shop and could look at the quality for myself, I wouldn't care who made the stinkin' outfit. The happy thing about ebay is that it is one, big, national, open 24/7 consignment shop. But it is a disorganized consignment shop, run by crazy flabby ab ad people. I just needed to vent. Now, what was it I was after? Gap madras shorts size 5? Yes, yes, that was it, just trying to get some good prices before the spring rush. Ugh...


Wright Family said...

I am sorry you have had such a bad time with e-bay {I agree with you on how disorganized it is} but I am laughing so hard that I am crying at your description of the belly ad. You're right, what in the world?!

Abby said...

Oh, I'm so glad it made you laugh. I was wondering if it was too angry sounding. It probably is, but to me, things that make me angry are also really funny. I worry that that doesn't come across sometimes!

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