Friday, January 02, 2009

A Really Nice $5 Day

Today, we had a little bit of time without the kids. George's sister Katie and her husband took the children to the Magic House. I think it was quite the trip. My children are pooped! Nice, eh? They're watching a video and I am enjoying the fruits of a short shopping trip. We had thought we would look for George some clothes with some gift cards he had received, but by the time we dropped the kids off and swapped car seats and all of that, we didn't feel we had quite enough time. I had a gift card to Panera Bread so we went and got some lunch first. I had a chance to tell George about the book I have been reading, and we had a nice little lunch. After that, George felt inclined to go to Borders as we had been talking of bookish things and we had credit there, plus a five dollar off coupon. In the end, we got me a Christmas CD, Sara Groves' O Holy Night, for nothing because of the credit and the coupon and the CD sale they have on now. I felt bad that it was his excursion and I was the one getting something. But I think he was pleased with the choice after listening. He said he likes it a lot. 

I will save the full blown review for next Christmas when people are checking into new Christmas music again, but I just have to at least say that this CD is amazing! I love it! The cover is beautiful, very classic, but also a nice turquoise and brown (" hot right now!"). And that just starts you off right. And her voice is really cool. I don't really have good words today, sorry. But I am just really digging this! I mentioned in the comments from the post about Christmas music that I didn't want the same old songs sung the same old way. And that is what is so beautiful on this album. It's the lyrics to Christmas carols that I really love, and Sara herself has created lovely new tunes to "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," "Angels We Have Heard on High," and "O Holy Night." She has three really nice original songs as well (and one that is quirky and comical but sounds exactly like the "Nothing Ever Happens on Mars" song from Waiting for Guffman). But my favorite, my reason for discovering the album, is "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." 

George and I cannot stand this song. It is, as I'm sure you know, originally from a really downer scene in Meet Me in St. Louis and sung by Judy Garland. Gag! So it is this song sung through tears about trying to cheer up even though everything is falling apart and try to have a happy Christmas. I am just not sure why everyone likes this song so much; there's nothing merry about it. I read or heard someone say recently that it's like it's sarcastic or something, almost a jeer. I feel the same way about "Happy Xmas (War is Over)." But anyway, I got in the car sometime last week and heard this really lovely, cheerful version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." I didn't want it to end. They never tell you who sings what on the Christmas stations so I did a little research. I found the list on Wikipedia of all the people who have recorded it, which, as you can imagine, is a lot of people. I narrowed it down to women who have recorded it in the last couple of years, because I figured it couldn't have been around for too too long without my hearing it. And to hear it is to remember it. Then I went over to Amazon and played samples of all the different ones until I found one that sounded right. At first, I was somewhat convinced it was Sarah McLachlan (that was my first inclination upon hearing it on the radio), though it wasn't quite what I remembered. But then I saw this name I had skipped over because I wasn't familiar with it, Sara Groves. I am not exactly sure that her version is the one I heard on the radio, but I am certain that hers is the most pleasant and enjoyable version of that song that I have ever heard. And while it may not be the best song on her album, it is charming, as is the entire album. 

After going to Borders, we didn't have much time left at all before kiddo pickup. We decided to run over to Target and take a look at the wine glass situation. They were mostly sold out and they were surprisingly expensive, as in, about the same price they are at Williams Sonoma, so we didn't actually buy any today. But oh my gosh, y'all, have you seen the owl Valentine's stuff at Target? I want it all! It is so so cute! Pink and owls? You've got to be kidding me! I think I am going to change my blog colors to match. Because I need to put the picture up of the one thing I convinced George I really had to have. There it is. It's so cute isn't it? Don't you imagine you'd just want to jump out of bed in the morning to pour coffee into this? And you can pour lots of coffee into this- it's a 15 ouncer. For a mere $4.99, you too can buy yourself a little pink piece of happiness. Life is good. 

I would end on that note, but I cannot get the pictures to upload any way but XXL and that leaves a whole bunch of trapped white space at the bottom. Trapped white space is a major no-no. Did you know? I suppose I can use the space to mention that my run this morning was really dreadful. But it's just one day, right? I also plan to start a new book this evening. I think I may do some work on the sidebar while I am changing things around, maybe one of those lists of books that other people have to keep reading on my mind. We'll see. And does anyone miss my links? Sometimes I do. But I just have such a hard time deciding what is link-worthy. Oh dear, perfectionism revealed. Anyway, this should properly fill the space. It's too bad, I liked ending with "little pink piece of happiness."


The Rays said...

love the mug!! i will have to go and check out target's new collection. i promise i will call sometime soon. can you email me your new landline number?

e.c. said...

Yes! I, too, was wondering tonight what your landline number was, as well as your address, as I threw away the last envelope we got from y'all with your return address on it. Please send me those when you get a chance :)

Anonymous said...

I got the Sara Groves cd this Christmas, and it is definitely a favorite! I first heard her when she opened for Andrew Peterson 2 years ago--I think the same year we got your AP cd :)

courtney said...

I saw this today at Target and thought of you!

wp said...

that mug screams ABBY! :) adorable.

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