Monday, February 16, 2009

I am sick of trying to think of titles. Sorry.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Everything in the last week at our house was slightly confounded by Amabel's week long 103 degree fever. She was in bed from Tuesday until Thursday afternoon when we finally went to the doctor. I never want to be the paranoid mom who rushes her kids to the doctor for every scratch, bruise, or tummy ache, but I never want to be negligent either. It turned out that she had an ear infection on top of whatever virus she was suffering from, so I am glad we went and got her an antibiotic for that. After that, she still hung onto her fever and more or less stayed in bed until Saturday evening, so all of our Valentine's crafts and baking, all last week's homeschooling, and even church was a no go (you know the 24 hour rule!) But George's mom graciously offered to give us a few hours on Sunday afternoon so that Valentine's Day was not completely lost on us, and more importantly, so that I might actually get out of my house for the first time in six days! When we came to pick the kids up, it was August who had the fever. So, it may be another six days' isolation this week! At the very least it has forced us to cancel our trip to Nashville and Birmingham. Boo! Didn't I just say something about us being thankful that at least we're not sick?!

Okay, I did manage to get out one or two times in the six days of Amabel's sickness. We had invited guests for dinner on Wednesday and then had been forced to cancel because of illness. My friend Sonja's kids were also unwell and we had been trying to get together since Christmas. I suddenly had the rare free night on my hands, so we decided we had nothing to lose as a pair of carrier monkeys, and met at Starbucks for a coffee and a chat. I had also worked out a babysitting swap for Valentine's with our good friends for Friday and Saturday nights. When the weekend came, I did not feel good about requesting their services in our germ infested home, but I did feel okay about sitting over there for them to get a night out, provided they have their children in bed so that I would not transmit germs to them. (As you can imagine, these were their thoughts as well.) I had a nice night just sitting on their couch with a book and a Coke Zero for a few quiet hours. That was Friday night. As I drove toward the interstate for home at 10:45, it occurred to me that I had not ever gotten Amabel that video I was wanting to get her for Valentine's Day, and that I had not gotten George anything. Luckily, the last thing I pass before getting on the interstate to come home is a Borders, and Borders is open until 11:00. 

What I got for them at Borders is not important. What I got for me, because I was just too in love not to, and I really had just written the last page in my old one that day, was this super cute owl journal. It's so much fun isn't it, y'all? The owls are winking! ("Wink at you?!"- who can name the movie with that quote?) They have a whole line of this stuff. But I was trying to be somewhat practical, so the journal was the obvious choice.  Sometimes I am not sure how to justify a purchase like this. I mean, yes, I did need a new journal, but would a fifty cent spiral notebook not have served just as well? I know that it isn't that big of a deal. But there is the matter of clothes for the kids and repairs for the cars, etc. I tend to think that $10 here or there is neither here nor there, but I know that that kind of thinking can get you into trouble. On the other hand, I figure the last thing I bought myself was the owl mug I bought almost two months ago, which I also posted about and truly has proved to be a very happy thing; plus, I never have used that Christmas money.... 

Anyway, weren't we supposed to be talking about Valentine's dates? We went to see He's Just Not That Into You. I liked it. I liked it a lot. But I can't necessarily recommend it. I have learned that for a Christian teenaged girl who was often regarded as something of a goody two shoes, I was actually quite worldly. I never felt like I had very many boyfriends compared to a lot of people I knew or that I made foolish choices (well, I did know a few were pretty bad), but now that I have grown up, I realize that I must have just known a lot of really rebellious kids or something. Anyway, I could have really used He's Just Not That Into You as a college student. My friends and I regularly "staged a run in" or "did a drive by." We jokingly called it "stalking." And well, that wasn't altogether far from the truth, albeit in an uncreepy sort of way. Or maybe it was creepy... Anyway, the movie sort of gets this about girls and makes fun of it. I had known the book existed, but as it came out past the time where it would have been helpful to me, I had never looked at it. But the movie was fun. The main character was adorable, and had a lot in common with unmarried Abby, right down to her favorite movie (well, who didn't love Some Kind of Wonderful in high school!). Instead of it telling me what to do on the dating scene, which I am clearly no longer part of, it helped me laugh at myself for what I was then, cheer up that maybe I am not the only girl who ever wasted a year thinking some guy liked me when all he wanted was someone to hang out with when he was bored, and be really grateful that in spite of a lot of misread signals and relationships gone really wrong, I ended up with a great guy. So, you might not like it if you are prone to thinking that silly girls who are strangely desperate to be paired off are sad or stupid, but if you, like me, remember that season of life, and maybe even need to laugh about it, then you might really like this movie too. 

Other thoughts on the movie: 1) There are quite a few gays. They are applauded inasmuch as they don't have the issues that all the straight people have. But because the movie is about the straight people, the gays don't come into it that much. I kind of feel like they are just going to be in movies, just like they are going to be in my world, and that is just how it is. In my world, I can befriend them and treat them like a human being with dignity, made in the image of God, and show them the love of Christ, as with anyone else in my world. As movie characters are not real people, it is a little more frustrating, at least to me, to know what to do with them, because it is usually that their flamboyant gayness and obnoxiously stereotypical wise, sensitive, and insightful nature is being crammed down my throat. At this point, I am fine to tolerate this except to the point of gross jokes. There were likely a few gross jokes, but after watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist on DVD the night before, I wouldn't have noticed them. 2) There is adultery. *spoiler alert* What I loved was that the two adulterers were the two that did not live happily ever after. It is so nice that even in Hollywood, there is still some understanding that adultery is unacceptable.

Okay, so those were my thoughts on the movie.  I feel compelled to comment more on Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, but as this post is already too long, I'm going to leave it where it is. Perhaps I shall revisit Nick and Norah in another post. 


The Rays said...

i really enjoyed your two posts on the parenting advice. very good!

love the owl journal and definitely think you should treat yourself.

do NOT think our stalking was creepy!! :) i found a mix tape you made me recently. wonderful songs. delicious kitty, like a potato.

guess what else... we went to auburn this past weekend for luke's dedication and it was at first baptist opelika. they mentioned matt dean??!!! could that be "our" matt dean? he is working with youth at auburn and is taking his family to hong kong soon...

Abby said...

hope you like it...opelika. it could be "our" matt. he went to seminary, you know. and he worked with youth while we were at auburn. i'll google him....

oh my gosh! it IS him! he has a blog too! i just googled matt dean auburn hong kong. it's him. and he has a beard. i feel compelled to comment on his blog! but that would reveal the stalk, wouldn't it? just kidding! he has three boys and they appear to be moving to hong kong and adopting a baby girl there? i think? well, here's the address, and thanks for mentioning it, this is the total highlight of my day (why? because i had a really bad day- didn't take much to be the highlight!)

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