Sunday, February 08, 2009

I'm too tired to think of a title. Seriously.

Well, first of all, I don't know why I said George was working 65 hours in the last post. That was a mistake. He is working more like 55. I guess I was trying to factor in the commute? Anyway, sorry for the unintentional exaggeration. And speaking of work, many of you know that we were back at the "country churches" interviewing again this weekend. We stayed in the home of a really dear family who fed us and helped us get around town and made us feel right at home. We arrived on Saturday night and went to the local school fundraiser, an amateur-hour-like event after the fashion of the old show Hee Haw. It was a lot of fun. There were also games and contests and a bake sale that took the form of an auction- one blackberry cobbler went for $85! This morning, George preached two sermons and led both worship services. The people of both congregations were warm and friendly. They had a huge spread laid out for all the folks from both churches after the second service with all manner of delicious homemade dishes. It was a really nice time to share a meal and get acquainted. And then George went in for a "formal interview" that I believe went fairly well. Afterwards, we went on back to our hosts' home to change clothes and pack up. But the children begged to stay a little longer and see some cows up close, so we all piled in our hosts' pickup and got a tour of their farm. The kids rode in back on bales of hay, bundled up in hats, coats, and blankets. It turns out that the cows really aren't that tame so they weren't able to get within a few yards of them, let alone pet one. Well, we're city slickers, we didn't know!  It was a really nice visit and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Amabel actually cried when we left! (I'm not sure it wasn't an "I'm seven and I'm exhausted" moment though.) I appreciate all of your prayers and I am sorry I forgot to announce the trip on here so some of you who I don't see at Bible study or know to put in the "mass email" to friends could have had a heads up. You are still welcome to pray though! I think both parties, the churches and our family, will need wisdom as both decide where to go from here. 

Well, it was a great weekend, but I am so tired right now I could cry. I couldn't say more if I wanted to, but I think this gives you a general idea. Okay, I can't write that sentence without recognizing that it is near verbatim from a Morrissey song. But then, I don't think any of y'all know Morrissey well enough to have caught it. Anyway, unintended plagiarism as well there. Although, can anyone really own the phrase "I could say more, but you get the general idea?" I think not. 


Wright Family said...

Abby, We prayed for y'all all weekend. Will be praying specifically for all the decision making on both sides. Hope you can have a slow day today.

annie said...

Hey, I know Morrissey :) I'm glad that y'all had a good time!

jennifer h said...

Glad you had a good experience. Praying for wisdom for all involved.

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