Friday, February 13, 2009

A little later I read this (just in case the clarity is helpful). I am changing the time stamp so it will appear below the first post:

"I am not devaluing the many helpful things we can learn from Christian authors and other experienced parents. We simply must remember that the complexities of each child's nature and situations will not allow template responses. This uniqueness of each child should not frustrate of bewilder us. Rather we can take it as biological affirmation of the beautiful creativity God has applied to making each of our children special. Not only does the uniqueness of each child affirm his or her individual dignity, it has the additional benefit of driving each conscientious Christian parent back to the foundation of Christian living- a prudent application of scriptural principles discerned by a heart in tune with the Lord. A loving relationship with God is fundamental to Christian parenting. This is especially obvious when we are talking about discipline. For if we do not have a grip on grace, then we will not have the courage to discipline; but if grace has no grip on us, then there will be no constraint on our discipline."


jennifer h said...

Dr Chappell talks like someone who has raised a child and who has seen a few raised. I think his wisdom here needs to be heard by many Christian parents.

Olive said...
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Olive said...


I've been super busy the last few months so I've not really stopped by to read your blog (even though you are my favorite blogger!). I'm sorry. Life has been crazy- I got laid off this fall. Boo. Then with the holidays I always get weird and hibernate b/c my dad died three years ago right after Christmas, and then afterwards I started a nanny job. And since, I've just been busy. Not that you care about that, but I just wanted to say that I had a lot to catch up on on your sweet blog and I have tons of comments.

First, I was looking back to Christmas, I was moved to tears by your post about the people who left the Christmas package on your doorstep. What a blessing! God is so good.

Second, how cute are you that you did an around the world Christmas with your kids for school- what a great idea! I bet they'll remember it forever, you know, “that one Christmas when mom taught us all about Christmases all over the world....” :)

Third, regarding you craft delima- I'll keep my eyes peeled. I craft all the time for gifts and such and now that I'm nannying I'm working on some for kids. We did some cute stuff for Valentine's day, so I'm sorry I didn't read until now- I could've got you some ideas.

Fourth and finally, what did you end up naming the dog? Did I miss it? Also, has George heard about the job yet???

:) Have a blessed day, Abby!

"Olive" (Brittnie)

P.S. re your post on the Valentine's owls at Target, have your tortured yourself on etsy searching owls? I have. I wanted almost everything I see. And I've bought some of it. Some it is A.MAZ.ING.

Abby said...

I am so glad to hear from you, Brit! But I am so sorry about your job. Is that the one you looked for for so long? Or did you never find one you liked and that is the old one? I can't remember now. It is so strange to hear from you this week when I had just done a post and mentioned that I wondered what happened to you. I never published the post because it was mostly just talking about other blogs I have been reading and it wasn't too terribly exciting. (I know, that's never stopped me before!) Anyway, I had been thinking about you!

Well, thanks for all your sweet remarks. And I would love any craft ideas you have! I haven't looked at etsy owl stuff for a while, but I made the mistake of shopping at Borders for Valentines (on Friday night, 15 minutes before closing!) and found something super super cutie owl! If I can find a picture online, I will make a post, because I did end up getting it for myself. It was my Valentine to myself? I don't know, I justified it somehow.

Oh, and the puppy still has no name. It's terrible I know. She kind of gets called puppy a lot. It's terrible. Any ideas?

Olive said...


That's so funny you were thinking of me! Yeah, me and my abandoned blog. Oy! I still keep thinking about starting a blog with my vintage Pyrex, but I just never actually follow through with it.

Yes, it was the job I had looked for for so long. I had been there for about 2-1/2 years when I got laid off (I can't believe it was so long!). I started off as part-time, then was full-time, and eventually got promoted to the Branding and Media Manager. I loved what I did and the people I worked with- some of them have become some of my best friends- but the structure of the organization and the leadership was (is) corrupt and our largest donor was arrested in a $3 billion ponzi scheme this fall. That's what led to my layoff- about 30 people were laidoff. But, it was a blessing. I needed to go and I had been asking God to make it clear what to do. And then He did. The place was (is) so bad that all of my good girlfriends have now since left too b/c the place was (is) so crazy.

And, now I have a great job as a nanny to the two cutest (and most spoiled) little girls. It's fun. Their parents were looking for a Christian nanny and knew a friend of mine. The girls are very well behaved (most days). Their parents are business owners and have a car for me (a Lexus SVU! I fell so spoiled!) and we have passes to the community center and go swimming a lot, passes to the zoo, children's museum, and science museum. It's fun living in a different world for a bit and getting to go out and do fun things. The girls are 3 and 4-1/2 so we also are working on letters and reading and numbers and the like- it's a lot of fun. It makes me excited to be a mom someday (hopefully sooner rather than later! :) ).

Good to hear from you! :)

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