Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Melancholy Pig

I wonder if that last post was a dreadful mix of whining, horn tooting, and ambush preaching? Oh gosh, I hope not. My first grade reader had a fabulous illustration alongside Lewis Carroll's poem, "The Melancholy Pig." I am not entirely sure that this is the complete poem, but all I could find online was this:

There was a Pig, that sat alone,
Beside a ruined Pump. 
By day and night he made his moan:
It would have stirred a heart of stone
To see him wring his hoofs and groan
Because he could not jump.

Anyway, the picture was of a crying pig sitting by a broken pump. I loved that picture. I am not sure why. It may have been toward the back of my reader and so I would look ahead to it and think how great it would be to have read so much by the time I got there. Or it may be that I had no idea what melancholy meant, but I had a pretty good guess by reading the poem and looking at the picture. Whatever the reason, the picture is burned on my brain. And if I were a better artist, I could render it all for you, great big tears flying hither and yon and the saddest face you ever saw. But something about that face made me think, even as a six year old, that he needed to pull himself together! Whenever I find myself thinking that I need to pull myself together, I picture that melancholy pig. However, I feel sorry for the pig when I read the poem again. It does say it would even stir a heart of stone. So maybe I have softened in the last twenty five years. Anyway, all of this to say, please forgive my blubbering, preaching, horn tooting, or however I came across. Just think of me like you do the Pig. But you'll have to come up with your own illustration. 


Rachel N. said...

Abby, I love your writing! And I loved your previous post. I didn't think you were blubbering or preaching. :) I think being honest about hardships is good. And biblical. I appreciate that you can be honest about how difficult things are right now, and still find humor and hope along the way.

And hide and seek! Yes! I want to play!

And I really want to make those cookies!

We're praying for you.

Abby said...

Thanks, Rachel, I totally needed that!


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