Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way

I went to Target in Kirkwood  last night and they were nearly completely sold out of Easter candy. All that was left were Peeps, Cadbury eggs, all manner of chocolate bunnies, and hoity toity Lindt chocolates that cost a million dollars a piece. I was glad to see on Lindt's website that they are donating $.10 to Autism Speaks for every gold bunny they sell this year. Well, because I paid freaking $7 for 3 Lindt chocolate bunnies, I am glad that some of that money goes to help other people, though it seems like they could have made it a full quarter. What do I know about the chocolate biz though? I'll tell you what I know, they need to make more! Or at least Target needs to purchase more. I have two dozen plastic eggs and nary a Reese cup nor York patty nor Sweettart bunny or chick to hide inside. What is an Easter egg hunt if the Easter eggs are empty? A disappointment, that's what. The selection at our Shnucks is somewhat pitiful, and so, I am sorry to say, it appears as if I may need to head to Walmart! (Gasp!) All hope is not lost, I have a Walgreens I can try on the way. 

Anyway, whilst staring at the oodles of Peeps still left on the shelf and wondering why on earth Target would purchase so many, or if it is just that no one likes them, I started thinking about how many people have strong feelings associated with many Easter candies. My college roommate thought Peeps were the most disgusting food substance one the planet. And while, compared to my roommate, I am somewhat indifferent to the Peep (it's just a marshmallow, but then again, I never eat marshmallows apart from smores or hot chocolate), I tend to think that those Brach sugar egg things (link takes you to a hilarious post about how gross these are) and most jelly beans about as appetizing as opening a sugar bowl and having a snack. My dad used to love those though. My sister-in-law is a huge fan of Cadbury mini eggs, the kind with the candy shell and milk chocolate inside, but I don't think it has anything on an M&M. And the big Cadbury egg is somewhat polarizing as well; generally speaking, you love 'em or you hate 'em. B.J. Novak was on Conan a while back talking about how he buys enough Cadbury eggs at Easter to get him through the entire year. When Cadbury shrunk the size of their eggs substantially two years ago, he decided to look at the website to see if there was any mention of the change, and the home page had the announcement, "They're not smaller; you've just grown up!" (or something to that end). Novak was pretty sure he had an old egg around there somewhere and dug a couple out of his freezer. It was pretty funny to see him holding up a new Cadbury egg beside an old Cadbury egg (link above) which was a good bit smaller. Speaking of pretty funny, George really loves the Clancy T. Bachleratt and Jackie Snad toddler, spaceships, Model T cars, and jars of beer skits on SNL. Until this week there was just one such skit, but they made a new one for Easter. George finds these exponentially funnier than I do, but I still get a little chuckle from them.  

So have a laugh, enjoy Peeps, or don't, Cadbury eggs, or not, and please forgive me for this painfully pagan looking Easter post. I used to try to buy those chocolate crosses instead of bunnies and sort of "Christianize" the Easter basket. But, while our focus is definitely on the Resurrection and not on chocolate eggs, I am okay with having a basket of candy that has nothing to do with Jesus. Of course, we also recognize that, ultimately, everything has to do with Jesus and the shape of chocolate doesn't change that. However, if you were hoping for more, last year I posted some interesting (and redeeming?) historical facts about Easter eggs if you are interested. And my old neighbor Becky has done some really neat things with her young children as Easter approaches, but you'll have to scroll through to find her several posts about it. Well, if I don't get back over here before then, Happy Easter! 


sister-in-law said... eggs!

e.c. said...

Chocolate is definitely the best, peeps are okay, and you're right...traditional jelly-beans are YUCK---but have you tried the Starburst brand?

Wright Family said...

mmmm. i was just going to say the same thing about the Starburst jelly beans:) chocolate wins out for sure--cadbury eggs are my favorite. we went to target this morning and they had moved all the easter candy to the very back of the store?! weird.

Abby said...

UPDATE- if the snl link doesn't play, look to the right in "related videos" and click on "Easter album."

Katie said...

Caleb came home with some Jelly Bellies called "Bean Boozled." They look just like the original except there are flavors like: booger, ear wax, baby wipes, rotten egg, pencil shavings, vomit, moldy cheese, etc. I warn you...they taste just like their names.

Abby said...

Why, oh why, do those exist? That is so gross!

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