Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something Helpful from Nancy Wilson

Sometimes I hear sermons or read books or blog posts and think, "Well, that is a good reminder, but I certainly hope that so and so is paying attention." or "Yes, I can use this message from time to time, but man, she could use this message like every second of every day and it is just really too bad that she is not here to hear it." Obviously, I am not saying that this is the most humble way to be, I'm just admitting to something I can imagine we all do from time to time. 

I enjoy reading what Nancy Wilson has to say over at Femina. I often read her posts and think the same things I just confessed to thinking, usually with a little more recognition of my own failings because she speaks to women in particular, but never so much as today when I just thought, "Wow. Yeah. I should be doing that." I didn't think of anyone else, just "this is so for me." However, it could be so for you. As someone who has always been told I am too sensitive and my expectations are too high, coupled with the quality of being very dramatic and rash, this was very helpful


e.c. said...

Wow! That was great, Abby! Sometimes I think I'm blessed and the Holy Spirit will prompt me to do this, but I don't think I've ever thought consciously about doing this as a way of living. Not that prayer is *magic*, but this could really be revolutionary!

I love your new colors, btw!

Wright Family said...

Wow! I think that is so for me too! I should be doing that like 500 times a day:) Thanks for sharing it!

Jessie said...

Wow, yes, that is helpful!

And should I be so surprised that her blog is so hip looking? I was totally taken aback...I'm such a snob.

e.c. said...


I was surprised at first too, but after reading for awhile, I realized that her daughters and daughter-in-law are actually so hip, I would totally be intimidated to meet them!

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