Monday, May 18, 2009

No spoilers, just a helpful link

Well, only I would stay up until three in the morning reading blogs about Lost. I do this every year after the season finale. I just become obsessed. It's a pathetic indicator of the fact that I have no life. Or, it just shows how highly intelligent I am that I am equal to the task of taking all that we have learned and speculating about possible explanations. Or, most probably, it just shows how I fixate on things. I truly do. I was just telling someone yesterday how I spent almost four hours ironing on Saturday. It was a wonderful day, really. I laundered and ironed every article of clothing, every table linen, and every bed linen in our entire house. And I did all of this whilst watching Anne of Green Gables. I do so love Anne of Green Gables. I didn't want to ruin the books for the children so I wouldn't let them watch a second of it. It was really so nice to be all by myself with a happy story and work for my hands to do. Anyway, I left one blouse, one of my only pieces of church clothing that is not dry clean only, to hang dry and neglected to iron it. I realized this as my head hit the pillow around 11:30 on Saturday night. I was just too too tired to get up and iron anything else, but I knew I needed to wear it the next morning because I have not made it over to the dry cleaners in a pretty good while. So instead of just wrenching myself from the bed and taking the two and a half minutes it would take to iron the blouse, I fixated on the fact that I needed to iron it for at least thirty minutes before I finally fell asleep. And I slept terribly all night. Yes, I probably do need therapy for that. Anyway, the whole point of my post is for anyone who is like me (not to offend anyone with that suggestion!) and gets a little OCD about things from time to time, and if that thing happens to be Lost, or if you are just intrigued but feel it is too late to get started now, every single episode of Lost, from season 1 until the season finale of season 4 (only the last four episodes of this past season 5 though), is available on right now for free (click on free episodes, use sidebar of new window to select season and episode). This is a fantastic thing. I should be able to occupy myself quite well by rehashing the events of the previous seasons as I wait for season six- all the way until January!- to see what happens to Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, Locke, and the lot of them. 

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