Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye to Michael

This was not the post I intended to write today. I do have a story coming. But who can help what happens in the news? And I felt I wanted to say something. The only celebrity whose death I can remember blogging about is Steve Irwin. I really liked Steve Irwin. And when I found out about his death, I cried...which felt silly, but there it is. However, when Amabel asked me today about Michael Jackson, after I had belted out lyrics to both "Man in the Mirror" and "Black and White" as we listened to various radio tributes in the car this afternoon, it seemed only appropriate that I got very choked up telling her about who he was. What a sad story. It is always tragic when such an non-redemptive story has to be told. What can you say? I explained to her that this was a very talented man, an amazing dancer, who showed the fingerprints of his Creator all over him when he performed (what a gift he had!), yet somehow made choices to pervert his gifts and his life and to make someone other than Jesus his King. And telling someone that about another human, made in God's image just as I am, is really hard to do. However small a part he played in my life (and I do thank him for some really fun dance tunes), he was a human being, and his life was God-given, as all life is. I am sorry that at the end of it, there is not a happier story to tell. To make it a little less sorrowful, I plan on remembering him for who he was in the late eighties and early nineties, the Bad and  Dangerous years, as that is when he was the biggest part of my life (I am too young for Thriller -though I have enjoyed it since); and I will keep belting out those lyrics and doing a little car dance for probably as long as I can sing and dance. But I am sad that it will be with the knowledge of who he turned out to be, and sad that whoever that was (because we know it didn't look like him) seemed such a lost and unhappy man. Incidentally, I think this picture, and let me tell you a decent picture of Michael Jackson is hard to find, is from the 1988 Grammys. He looks like he's already a little on his way.... It's just too bad. 

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