Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Happy Report

Alright, sorry about Michael Jackson hanging out at the top of the page so long. I figured no one would have much to say about him. It's still so sad... Okay, so enough of that. There's good news. A week or so ago, my parents called George to let him know that their hot water heater had "burst" in the basement where all of our belongings were, that they had moved everything out into the garage, but that a lot of stuff had gotten wet and we needed to come get it right away. I know, there's nothing good about that. George had to take a couple of days off work, rent a car, drive down there, rent a truck, and pack up everything while also assessing whether or not everything had been ruined. It was quite the ordeal. However, on Wednesday afternoon, he drove up the driveway with all of our possessions in tow, and a crew of loving church family members helped us unload it all! It's here!

I have to say that I have no unpacked so energetically as I have pictured myself unpacking for the last year- for indeed, it has been a year since everything went into the boxes, and almost 50 weeks since we unloaded everything into my parents' basement. I ended up feeling not-so-great around Wednesday of this week, which very much disrupted my plans to go and do while we had our friends' car for the week. The move put extra physical strain on me, and I spent a couple of days taking it really easy so I could do something special I had planned for yesterday. Then that took it out of me, so I am back to feeling rather poorly again today. So, it is a little anti-climactic, but it's all here. And the water damage appears to have been very minimal. Remember how the cat peed all over our bed when we went down there last year? Well, the same bed seems to have suffered the most water damage, and if it wasn't already ruined, it is now. But, yeah, it was probably already a goner. There is a lot of mold on the wood of a lot of the furniture, but it seems to be cleaning up pretty well with vinegar and water. I did sort out a couple of boxes, particularly the storybook boxes (which I was really concerned about), and everything seems to be okay. My parents were kind enough to allow the upholstered furniture and the kids' clothes to be stored inside their home, so we were blessed not to have any worries of their being ruined.

This week should be a good week. I am excited about getting everything else cleaned up and attempting to find a spot for things. It is a little tricky as there is still the thought that we are only here temporarily, and one wonders how much one should unpack for a temporary stay. However, as we have already been here eight months, it seems that what we considered temporary has now become what one friend called "semi-permanent." On the other hand, one could argue that we have already served eight months of our sentence, so we have that much less left. "Sentence?" Lovely. I didn't know how else to put it.

There has been much joy as the children have unpacked boxes of very missed toys. It was like Christmas morning when they began pulling their storybooks out of the box, squealing and jumping up and down as they remembered each beloved tale. The introduction of the "babies" was particularly jolly. Each of the children has had their favorite few dolls or stuffed animals, but all of the rest have been packed. Their great-grandmother sent a few this fall when we all moved into George's mom's house, so some of the packed babies needed to be introduced to the new babies, and all of the babies needed to be reacquainted. It was really cute listening to them all catch up. I am sure there will be more of the same type of merriment as I begin the task of more seriously unpacking.

We are very grateful to the Lord for preserving our belongings during their storage- from mice, from heat, from cold, and from water. And we are feeling very blessed to have it restored to us after such a long time without it. Even with stacks of boxes and total disorder, it already feels more like home around here! Thanks be to God!


Wright Family said...

YAY!!! I was hoping that things were okay! So glad that everyone got to reunite with their babies {so sweet.} Hope you feel better soon. I've had a cold this week that has wiped me out--what's up with the summer sickness?! Glad that you have all your things:)

jennifer h said...

Glad this unforeseen inconvenience ultimately is serving as a blessing to you all.

I say unpack as much as you want. You can always put it back in boxes--even if you move in 2 weeks!

Have a good week!!!! Feel better:)

annie said...

I'm so glad that you have all of your stuff. :)

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