Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Humor (Star Wars Style)

I thought that post was sort of boring as I was writing it. For the life of me, I can't understand why you didn't all have something extremely relevant to say about what my kids have worn for Halloween for the past five years! I think the Star Wars theme is going to work out pretty well for all three kids this year, if anyone actually was interested. I found August some nice white thermal undies at Target yesterday for $12. Twelve dollars isn't free, but from what I hear, we are supposed to have a pretty cold winter, so I'm sure he will get some use out of them on snowy days or extra cold ones. And $12 is much much better than the $32 for Land's End's product that is very similar, and the only plain white I could find anywhere else! Elspeth's costume is on it's way. I got it brand new off ebay for $10. It is actually a fleece Gap bear costume, so it can be used different ways for another kid (if the Lord gives us any more) later. It looks like I will be making Amabel's costume. I think I still have a sewing machine around here somewhere....

Okay, so today I am searching for jokes for the kids to tell when they go trick-or-treating. I decided to stick with the theme. So, you guessed it, here are the best Star Wars jokes I could find. For every one of these, there are at least a dozen much much worse ones. Feel free to add yours. I mean, I know y'all all have a storehouse of Star Wars jokes for kids saved for just such an occasion as this! Okay, here they are (forgive me!):

1. Q. What do Kermit the Frog and Jabba the Hutt have in common?

A. The same middle name. (Alternatively:Q. What is Jabba the Hutt's middle name? A. The.)

2. Q. What did Obi-wan say to Luke at the Chinese restaurant?

A. Use the Forks, Luke!

3. Q. Which Star Wars character works at a restaurant?

A. Darth Waiter.

4. Q. How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for Christmas?

A. He felt his presents.

5. Q. What goes ha ha ha thump?

A. A droid laughing its head off.


jennifer h said...

You need to explain the joke telling to the rest of the universe. St Louis is one of the few places I know of where a joke is required for a treat.

But your jokes were cute, btw.

Practically Perfect... said...

Those jokes are pretty cute, and it's neat that they have to tell a joke for a treat!

Matt Churnock said...

those are gems! I may use those around the house.

What is Malie going to be? Her sister is going as a lady bug.

Abby said...

can't you just tell i'm totally the type of person who dresses my pet up for halloween? actually, i was meaning to be sarcastic, but i sort of could be, i guess. it's just that mallie is not the type of DOG who one could dress up. she has murdered three doormats and countless other unfortunate items that have been left in her path; i cannot imagine what she would do to a costume on her body!

Anonymous said...

You're BACK!!!!

Yea! I'll read this and catch up with you soon~


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