Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Trick

This is going to have to be quick. I know, you're all very glad! And skeptical. Because quick is not in my vocabulary. I spent the entire day at work on Thursday making a poster that would only actually be used for Thursday afternoon. It turned out rather well though. The teacher I "aid" requested a poster for the parents to look at while they were waiting for their conference times on Thursday afternoon. She gave me a list of "fun facts" which she wanted interspersed with facts the parents needed to know about what the first grade is up to. I did the whole thing in pencil, wrote over it all with black sharpie, and then colored the pictures in (I did a picture for every fact.) It looked pretty good. One of the facts was about how their was no record of the name "Wendy" before Peter Pan. While I did most of the drawings freehand, I wanted Wendy to be recognizable, so I went online and found a picture of her from the Disney movie. I printed the picture out, blew it up on the copier, traced the outline and did my best to copy the lines of her hair and dress. But when it came to her face, it just didn't look like Wendy. I couldn't put her eyes in the right spot. I brought the poster back, ready to hang, and told the teacher I was going to ask my friend Sonja, who was one classroom over and is a really good artist, to draw the face for me real quick. While I was gone to get Sonja, the teacher drew the face on herself, a generic girl's face, with features much smaller than Wendy's features, facing forward instead of looking to the side as I had drawn her. I couldn't believe it! Can we say perfectionist? I am still trying to let it go.... It was my whole days' work! (not Wendy, but the poster, which looked ridiculous with the silly Wendy face) Anyway, the point is, I really make an issue out of the details of what I am doing, which may be why I can't stand big projects and even short blog posts take a good thirty minutes. For example, I have never done the thing where you buy an inexpensive piece of furniture at a yard sale, strip it, sand it, and repaint it to look fabulous. My friends do it all the time. For that matter, I have never even painted a room in any of the homes we have lived in. I helped George before we moved into our first apartment, and I think it became clear to him that I was entirely too overwhelmed and therefore somewhat sloppy. If it gets to be too much, I just have to quit caring- that, or explode. And I think that is why I don't sew anymore. I have too many patterns, too much fabric, too many girls (two is too many?), and too little time.

Which brings us to the costume. I went to Target on Thursday and bought the very last Princess Leia costume, which just happened to be in Amabel's size, for 30% off. The problem is, I was wrong about it costing $20. It cost $30. So at 30% off, it was still $20. I only bought it for insurance so that if I couldn't find the time to make it, I'd have something. It is 12:23 by my clock and we are due at friends' house at 4:30. The costume I am to make is uncut and unsewn and for some reason, I am blogging! Not only that, but I am also dressed to run on the treadmill, need a shower after that, need to give Elspeth a bath because it will be too late to get one in time for church tomorrow by the time we get home tonight, and I have to bake a cake! Yes, you read that right, I have to bake a cake! I leave you with this. It's my trick that we'll see if I can pull off. You already had your treat, it's the Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween song (and it's still awesome)! And you even got some jokes. This is kind of a joke too isn't it? Four hours, five tasks, GO! Happy Halloween!

Update: 2:40, less than two hours to go! 25 minutes on treadmill, shower, and a bath for Elspeth are all out of the way. She's napping. The cake has 20 minutes left in the oven. And sewing is about to commence...


Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my goodness, this post made me laugh! I love how say it's going to be "quick" in the first sentence, then have this great big paragraph following it! You described yourself pretty well, ha ha!

Good luck with the all of the Halloween preparations! Oh, and I'd be pretty ticked off if the teacher had drawn in the face, too!

The Rays said...

i have to confess that right before i read the words "and skeptical" i thought "yeah right!" :)

do you also have a paper due in the am and want to go get cheese grits? :)

Abby said...

Jennie, I am laughing out loud! And yes, I would like to go get cheese grits! ANY time is Tiger Time!

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