Friday, October 16, 2009

"Status Update"

Wow! A whopping two comments! I can tell I was really missed! Well, Rebekah and Jennifer, I thought you might want to know what I'm up to today :)

George and I are going on a date tonight. I'm not even sure where. We may finally get over to see Julie and Julia. On the other hand, Whip It is out now. Or maybe we'll do errands, because when am I supposed to get those done?

Tomorrow morning I am supposed to do some sort of running thing. It was supposed to be a 5K (in my mind), and then I found out, after I committed to it, that it is actually 4.2 miles. Is that a random race length? I thought it was. Okay, so I was working up to the 3.3 in the first place. I mean I have done 3 maybe three times since July. (I have no idea what is wrong with me, I just hate the treadmill, I think.) But four is an entirely different thing. Quite frankly, I can not run four miles at this juncture. I am sorry to say so, but I'm just not there. And so my friend Sonja and I, both in agreement that four miles is slightly more than we're up to, have downgraded to the one mile "fun run." And I'm just thinking that one mile is a waste. Do I really want to pay $25 to run a mile? I'd almost rather just see how far I can get in the four mile race and then walk- or even better, just not go. Ever since we downgraded to "fun run," I have quit running at home altogether. It just goes to show you, I will do nothing without a major incentive. That is why I am committing, here and now, to the Kirkwood Thanksgiving 5K- unless it interferes with church on Thanksgiving morning, in which case, I will run some sort of Christmas 5K. I will. So help me, I will! Anyway, about tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes. Right now, I really should go pack the kids to stay overnight at Grandma's and put something on besides my pink fuzzy robe. I do so love fall- among other things, time to break out the fuzzy pink robe again (a nod to Annie B's post about socks)!


The Rays said...

Yeah!! When i finally figured out today that my kids had turned off the power strip to the internet hookup and i got google reader back and running i was so excited to see not one but two posts! hooray!! every time anyone says or posts as a status update "it's fall y'all" i think of you!!

so glad you and george get a date night! and one where the kids spend the night at grandma's none the less!! happy friday!

Jessie said...

do you get a t-shirt?

;-) and I'm glad you're back!

jennifer h said...

Maybe you'll at least get a nice morning and some good coffee out of it!

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