Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Update

The one mile "fun run" actually was kind of fun. It is 45 degrees today, but the sun is actually showing his face for the first time in quite a while! I have not run outside in over a month and the chill in my lungs did make it harder than I anticipated. I mean, one mile- I figured I could do that even if I were sleep deprived, sick, and pregnant! And I am none of those. Anyway, two of Sonja's children came, and her seven year old did a fantastic job! Her fourteen-year-old beat me, of course, but we all had fun being outside and trying to figure out what in the world to do (not a whole lot of instruction!). We had to walk the first part because the beginning was narrow and we got behind a huge pack of walkers, but with the hills and chill, it was still a good solid workout for me by the time it was over. Short. But solid.

We ended up seeing Julie and Julia last night and it really was such a treat. I loved it, just as everyone said I would. I am sure there was no one who wouldn't love it. How could you not? I did see Nora Ephron's fingerprints all over it. I felt that I was watching Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail during most of Amy Adams' scenes. And I have heard that Julie really is more of a "bitch" (as they say in the movies) in her book and on her blog than was portrayed in the film. And really, I completely empathized with all of her frustrations in the movie. And the "big fight" seemed provoked by the husband in a lot of ways. Maybe I am just showing what a bitch I can be myself. I mean compared to Julia Child, we might all be considered fairly bitchy! Oh, but what a great story! I feel compelled to buy her cookbook! I really do. I want to debone a duck. But I'm not so much for trying any aspics, I don't think. I don't have to make every recipe anyway. That's been done! What gets me down is how much this sort of food costs. There are scads of recipes I would have tried if the ingredients weren't so expensive!

Speaking of recipes, I have been trying lots from my stash of pumpkin recipes. I am not ready to report on them yet, but I know I usually have them in the fall, and I assure you this fall will be no different :) Alright, what am I doing blogging? I have Grandma watching the kids still! Happy Saturday, y'all. And WAR EAGLE!


Jessie said...

Okay, I know this wasn't remotely the point of this post, but I couldn't get past Sonja having a 14 year'd think I have like a 7 year old or something!

miss you Abby!

Wright Family said...

I loved Julie and Julia too but I don't want to read the book because I have heard the same about the real Julie and I don't want to ruin the happy, feel good of that movie:) I am glad you got to run at the fun run and that is happy fall time now--yay! {And also, you probably do have readers but people don't comment very much. I haven't had a comment in a really long time but my counter keeps going up. I just try not to let it bother me but I do feel very insecure and vulnerable about it sometimes!} I'm glad you are back to blogging:)

e.c. said...

Abby!!! So great to see you in print and hear what's going on with y'all! I've thought about you a lot in the last two months, and constantly thought if only you were on fb, I'd know what was the latest with y'all, and you'd know what was going on with me(it's all about me, really, you know! :)).Anyways, so, so glad to hear about the positive things that have taken place...yea for another car, not being stuck out by yourselves all day, private school, and a convenient part-time job!! Oh, and the temperature change, too, although you know, I am NOT happy about that one! :) Y'all are still in our prayers!
Love, Elizabeth

Abby said...

jessie, i know! A looks SO grown up too! somehow all of our kids keep getting older, but we don't.... how is that? ;)

rebekah, i left you a comment! i think you are right, commenting is almost a thing of the past. who has the time?! or really, i think it's just hard for people to think of what to say.

elizabeth! great to hear from you! thanks for your prayers! send me a note to let me know what's going on with you- even if you just cut and paste your facebook status in an email :)

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