Monday, November 09, 2009

A Brief Rant

Today was a hard day. Chicken fingers are being served for dinner, and I may even allow myself a little whiskey and coke here in a bit. But oh, the calories.... Anyway, I'm just tired, I think. And a whole lot of other stuff. But especially today, I am tired. It is frustrating to start the week exhausted. The day after our "day of rest" and I am exhausted. The thing is, Sunday never feels like a restful day at all. Does anyone else feel this way? Sunday is increasingly my least favorite day of the week. This should not be. The whole scurrying to dress three children and ourselves to get out the door to be thirty minutes away in time for a nine o'clock service and not getting out of the building until half past noon and half past starved, and then back out of the house again by five thirty to be at evening worship by six which is entirely too early to have eaten by if you didn't eat until one but then makes supper entirely too late because you are getting home at eight and school is in the morning and the kids are exhausted and starving all over again is just out of control. Is it just me? And what is the solution? Because I am really fighting Sunday lately. And like I said, this shouldn't be. And besides that it shouldn't be, it sure does make for rotten Mondays. I think I will have that Jack and Coke after all :)


jennifer h said...

Will it be better once RPC is up and running and your service starts at 11:00 am? I hope so for your sake.

Sundays have always been tough for us, but it does get better as the kids get older.

Linda said...

I hear you, Abby. I have felt this way quite often, and then of course feel guilty for feeling that way. It ties in to Jennifer's latest post as well, which was also timely. I also wanted to say that I am glad that you are blogging again. I missed keeping up with you through your blog and would think from time to time about dropping you an email, but I never did. Anyway, glad you are back and that things are a little more stable for you all. Linda

Abby said...

jennifer, i think it will be better once we meet at 11. and i also think we won't have an evening service at first. while i LOVE the evening service during the summer or even last year when i was homeschooling, it is rough when you have school in the AM.

linda! i'm so glad to hear from you! i have been meaning to email you as well. i even thought we'd try to get together again once we got the second car and i had transportation capabilities. but in the end, i am just transporting to and from town and country to eureka every day! i hope things are okay with you guys. thanks for keeping in touch :)

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