Monday, November 30, 2009

And So It Begins

I used to think that the end of November was entirely too early to be decorating for Christmas. But tonight we are decorating our tree. And so I thought I should decorate my blog as well. I hope you will find it festive. I mean, it's just changing the colors, I know. But it's all I've got.

I do have a confession, actually. With just one month left in the year, my New Year's resolution from this year to run 365 miles is completely shot. I have a couple of disclaimers before I give you the full extent of the bad news. First of all, it took a few weeks into the New Year before George was able to retrieve my treadmill from my parents' house. And then, more significantly, I promptly began caring for three sick children until I became so sick myself that I was hospitalized for a week and subsequently faced with a few months of recovery. Summer was touch and go for no real reason except that I was miserable. And then, right when I began to pull myself up by my bootstraps at the end of the summer and even worked through the three mile barrier, I started working! I also know that there are days that I ran that I forgot to record my mileage, and that for every mile I have run, there is at least a half mile that I have walked (I always warm up and cool down with at least a quarter of a mile, and there were plenty of days during recovery where I just walked), but I only counted the miles I ran. And now here we are at the end of November, and I have been a little more consistent for the last month, but I am still really almost 300 miles short of my goal at this point! Can you believe it?! It's so embarrassing! With only 31 days to go, I am hoping I can at least hit 100 miles for the year. And that should be quite reasonable, given the original goal of 1 mile a day. But the thing about December is it's busy. Still, I think I can do it... not that it makes me any less of a failure for the entire year. But here's to no pneumonia in 2010, and a hundred miles in spite of it in 2009. I'll let y'all know if I make it. How embarrassing if I can't even do that?!

Well, I hope you are all feeling ready for Christmas. Because here it comes. I picked up my (winter rose) poinsettias today, and made another stop to purchase the forms to make my wreaths. The boy scouts where we bought our tree yesterday gave me a ton of trimmings, so I am already thinking another E is in order. I did so love how it turned out last time. So I guess that's what I'll be doing this month, making wreaths and running that last 30 miles. What about y'all?


Wright Family said...

y'all have had such a crazy year--i think it's great that you have run at all!!! how fun to get to start decorating for christmas. i love the "e" wreath. happy december:)

e.c. said...

I second the above comment...I think 60 miles is GREAT...if you make it to 100, that will be quite a spectacular feat, but the month of december is already like a marathon(or hard sprint), no?

Well, I'm 99% done with Christmas shopping, so yea! Still need to do cards, and baking. I've got a wreath on the door(live but not homemade..may add some pears to it) and we're getting our tree this afternoon, so by the weekend, my house should be decorated. I'm feeling a little behind in the calendar area, though....I feel like lots of events are about to start happening, and I don't have them written down yet!

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