Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My New Best Friend

I didn't end up having a drink last night. Instead, I had three or four of my new favorite thing, Dove Peppermint Bark. Jennie Ray, I'm talking to you! These are so so yummy. Dove chocolates have been a Christmas time staple for me since my sophomore year in college when Jennie, Kimmie, and I became enamored with Dove dark chocolate bells. Sadly, it has been many years now since Dove has made their chocolate in generous, dense bell shapes. They changed them to Dove "presents" while I was still in college, and the result is a much thinner and boring piece of chocolate. Still, I consume bagfuls every Christmas season. And yes, I am that one person you see wandering through the Christmas section when you find yourself in the back of Target for a bag of dog food weeks before Thanksgiving. It's shameless really. But I have made lots of friends. I always ask the one other person back there what their excuse is for being in the Christmas section so embarrassingly early. I've been delighted with the answers I've gotten, everything from a lady who throws a Christmas in July party every year in red, white, and blue and has to grab the blue ornaments as soon as she sees them because they are so hard to find, to hearing about people's families who live in different places that they will visit soon and bring early gifts. You should try it! Stroll on back for a bag of Dove peppermint bark and make a friend! Well, a friend besides Dove peppermint bark- because you will be delighted to make its acquaintance.


the skocelai said...

ooohhhh! that sounds so good! my must haves that i only allow myself in december each year are peanut m&m's (there is something so festive about them when they are green and red!) and queen anne's dark chocolate cherry cordials. YUM!

The Rays said...

yum!! i feel a trip to target coming up!!!! i did buy one of those pretty red berry wreaths there the other day. i had a little extra money so i thought, why not! i saw in a southern living how to hang it on a mirror with ribbon. so pretty!

thanks for the chocolate update!

Heather said...

you are a life savor...well, you and the blog archive! It's better than martha stewert's website recipe archives! I lost my copy of the pumpkin crisp recipe you posted about two years ago...maybe three now that I think about it...scary! I just found it off your blog and am so thankful as I was about to make it for community group starting in one hour! I haven't been keeping up with blogs at all, so I look forward to reading what's going on with you guys soon. I sadly just posted today after a very long hiatus! It's embarrassing:) Tell George and the kids we said hello.

Wright Family said...

I just went to Target for some other things and stopped through the Christmas aisle to find these and YUM!!! I have already had several...I think I'm going to have to hide these from myself:)

Abby said...

Great to hear from you, Heather!

And I forgot to mention to y'all that instead of the lame fortunes and "promises" of the past, they now have tips from Martha for holiday decorating on the inside! Not only that, but the wrappers are polka dotted. As my sister said, "It's like the perfect candy for you, Abby."

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