Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Random Solicitation

I am always looking out for good books to get Amabel to read. Since she has been in school, her reading has slowed a little, but she still goes through a book or two a week it seems. She really loves children's author Eleanor Estes. She has just finished reading Estes' The Witch Familyand there is a sequel that I am having trouble finding in any of the library systems for which I hold a card. It is called The Curious Adventures of Jimmy McGee and is available for purchase on Amazon. However, I'd rather just borrow it. None of you happens to own this book do you? If, by an off chance, you do, would you be willing to lend it to us?

Another book I am having trouble locating is a book called Twig by Elizabeth Orton Jones. This one is not even available for purchase except in the used section for $14 and upwards. If I could get a new copy at that price (less than $180!), I would probably buy it, even though I haven't read it before. Read this charming description: "After she is made tiny by magic, Twig finds friendship and adventure with Elf, the Fairy Queen, and the Sparrow Family." Does anyone know anything about this book? Better yet, does anyone know where I could browse through a copy or even borrow one? Is $14 a lot for a used book? It sort of seems that way. I think I am kind of a snob though- I'm not much for purchasing "used" anything. Except cars. And clothes, if they're nice. The problem with the Amazon used section is that there are no pictures. Hmmm....

Speaking of things that are hard to come by, I'll mention this in case anyone is interested. I just got the new American Girl catalog and discovered that Kirsten is being retired. I mention it in case she was your favorite (or a favorite of someone you know) and you hope to get her for your little girl. This is the last chance to do so. Most of her clothes and accessories are already sold out, actually. I just thought it would be a shame if you were holding off until later for some reason (she won't be around then, so buy her now and save her). I feel like things like that happen to me all the time! I think, "I wish I had known!" So now you know.

Sorry about the boring post. I'll try to write something more interesting tomorrow.


Fittsy said...

I know you said you don't like used, but here are a couple of sites to check for Twig:

I want to see a costume shot from halloween.


Abby said...

thanks, rebekah! i know, i need to post a picture. i will try to get on that :)

jennifer h said...

I buy lots of books used because much of the time, used books are in great shape. After I read your post, I researched Twig a bit. I think for the limited availability of the book, $13.99 is a reasonable price. All of the descriptions by sellers indicate that they are in fairly good shape, so it wouldn't be too much risk.

That being said, if you really don't know that Amabel will love the book, maybe you should hold off and keep it in mind if you stumble into a used book store or thrift store, you can keep your eye out for it. Or, your friend who frequents such places might do it for you. ;)

Abby said...

Jennifer, when you said to keep it in mind if I'm in a thrift store, I was thinking "Doesn't she realize who she's talking to?!" But the offer to try to keep it in mind yourself when you are out and about is one I'll definitely be grateful for if you really do happen to remember a book for Amabel amidst the needs of your family!

Do you know I have never been to a yard sale? But I really have been to some big consignment type sales and plenty of second hand stores. George used to frequent used book stores during the seminary days and before. Generally speaking though, the whole idea of "treasure hunting" is more overwhelming than fun to me. I just think of all of that in and out of the car and searching through racks and racks of junk (whilst keeping one eye on the children at all times) and maybe not even finding anything I can use! This is why I am just not a shopper in general. But Good Will and thrift stores, even TJ Maxx, are so hit or miss to me that I can't get geared up for them. I have a hard time getting geared up for pretty much anything other than Target! (and Old Navy because it is fairly small for having clothes for the entire family- unlike Kohl's or Macy's). Online shopping is a beautiful thing for people like me ESPECIALLY when free shipping is involved!

jennifer h said...

Yes. My offer to keep an eye out myself was my way of saying I know you don't really go to such places :)

I grew up going to thrift stores, and I think I'll always love them. But they can be overwhelming even to me under the right circumstances. Going to thrift stores has to be a going for the sake of looking kind of thing. If I go looking for something particular, I have to psyche myself up for the fact that I probably won't find that specific thing, but I might come across some other great deal.

In some ways, it is sort of surprising you don't like thrift stores, though. I would think you would enjoy finding some of the great deals you can get on furniture.

Re: yard sales--we need to make a date for a Saturday of "yard sailing." I know it would likely involve having kids along, but with my girls along, they all might have some fun.

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