Sunday, December 20, 2009

Classic Abby at the Eleventh Hour

It's 4:00 and I'm totally avoiding the fact that I need to leave the house in about an hour with a couple dozen cut, baked, and decorated cookies that are currently in a dough state inside my refrigerator. Perfect time for a blog post, no? I feel the need to say that I am in serious trouble all around with regard to Christmas and it all pretty much looks about like trying to get those cookies to church in time for Lessons and Carols. I haven't even taken a picture for our Christmas cards. Is there any conceivable way I can actually get the picture taken, reprinted, and stuffed into addressed envelopes so that I can send the necessary 50+ cards out? And how do we even have 50 people to send them to? We don't receive 50 cards by any means. I think we get about half that at best! And people will understand... I just can't seem to let it go yet. But even if I do eventually nix the cards, there is still the concern of gifts. Last year I took care of extended family and got nothing for my children. In the end, the Lord graciously provided. But this year, I decided that it might not go the same way and that I wanted to put my own children first. Well, I am glad I did. Except that here we are with only five days until Christmas and packages needing to be mailed ASAP, and I have nothing to actually send! Yikes! So the whole shebang is kind of like how everyone but me is asleep at my house, I'm wearing sweat pants, 15 minutes have elapsed, and I'm still trying to think we're all going to get there on time! I will let you know how it goes.

So, I did make it! I ended up taking the cookies undecorated and decorating them in the church kitchen during the prelude so I didn't miss any of the lessons or carols. I also mended Amabel's dress before we left! And we got there in plenty of time for George to meet up with his mom and save us all some great seats. I remember from high school mock interviews (which is a whole embarrassing story of its own) that I already had the realization that one of my greatest weaknesses was procrastination, but that it fueled one of my strengths, working well under pressure. If I could just remember that in the moment! So, I have taken heart, and I am fixing to head out on a major shopping expedition, three kids in tow, and only today to get it bought, wrapped, boxed, and in the mail (and only about $40 to spend). I will let you know how that goes. Oh, and in the spirit of following through, I thought I'd mention that we ended up with about an inch and a half of snow Saturday morning, most of which is still a nice crunchy white covering on everything I can see from my window. I hope we get some more on a day that I will actually have time to be still and admire it.

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Our family said...

I feel exactly the same way as you. I just can't get it together and really don't feel motivated to get it together! I have bought one Christmas present--ONE! Okay, actually 2--for the girls but I got them the same thing so they wouldn't fight. And, not too sure when I'm actually going to get the rest done. Hope you made it to church with all your cookies:) Somehow we always get it pulled off even if it's in a frantic, stressful state!

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