Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Car Game

Not too unlike the game the Barlows taught us called "yellow car," which can be played year 'round, our family has a car game that we play during the Christmas season. It doesn't really have a name, but the objective is to find Christmas-y cars. The standard find is, of course, a car with a Christmas tree on top of it for which a player receives one point. Two points would be given for a Christmas tree hanging out of a trunk or window (this is sort of outdated though, because who ever sees this anymore- if you did, it should be worth a lot more), and an extra point is given for each extra tree one might see on top of the same car (I saw two just the other day). And we award five points if you spot a car with a wreath on the front. These are very rare up here where license plates are required on the front and back of the car, but if I recall correctly, even in the South where (people generally do cuter things and) license plates are usually only required on the back, these are not incredibly common. This year we have had trouble with our points system though because we have seen a few things we've never seen before. Amabel saw an eighteen wheeler with a wreath and lights all over the front the other day- surely that merits more than the five points you get for a wreath. Or what about cars with reindeer antlers on both sides? Shouldn't they count for something? And, on the way through Illinois over Thanksgiving break, I spied more than one eighteen wheeler carrying a whole load of Christmas trees! That's got to be worth something too! We have played where points accrue throughout the season, and we have played where it starts over again after each time in the car, which I like better because I get really sick of arguing about how many points the person actually had before (so annoying); this would also keep people from being annoyed at points that were scored when he/she wasn't in the car (because, one might argue, "that's not fair"). Anyway, I just thought I'd share a fun holiday driving game. We certainly do enough of it (driving, that is).

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