Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Job Hunting is A Little Like Prime Time

So after that blog post and a couple of subsequent emails (some of which I didn't even have time to finish and send), we got a rejection note from the church I was really excited about. Boo. They have been sort of funny about it. I know it is one of those things that is hard to do. I have said all along that it is like Sorority Rush, which was just awkward and superficial and often mean almost no matter what.

It's just funny to me that we "make the cut" or "make it through to the next round" almost like it's The Bachelor: "George, will you accept this rose?" But then, when you get the old heave ho, they don't bother to call you and talk to you one on one anymore. They completely forget that they now know you quite well, everything about you really, and are (albeit necessarily) rejecting who you are on a very personal level. Sure, they send you a cordial email and wish you well as you continue to look for a job, but it usually comes across a little bit like Darrell Hammond doing Donald Trump, "Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, you're fired!" Because they really aren't saying anything personal anymore or taking the time to really talk to you and help you think about how you could interview better or what you could work on that might make you a better pastoral candidate, or even affirming you and reminding you that you really are a well qualified applicant for reasons A, B, and C. It's just like, "Okay, we're done here."

And so, the really cool job in Colorado (or wherever else we have looked) has become just like Samantha Who? and Mismatch (from like 2003, and I'm still not over it!), cancelled right when I started getting excited about it. And the whole situation feels more and more like Lost where it's just like "what in the world is going on here?!" and moreover when this all ends will it even be remotely satisfying? Because this far in, and as frustrated as I am at this point, and as nonsensical as it all seems to be, it's going to have to be pretty amazingly awesome for me to feel like all of this was worth it. And that's just breaking even. I have no idea what it would take for me to be like "Totally worth it." Charlie coming back? Wait, I've lost the metaphor. But you know what I mean. And anyway, surely Charlie will be back, I hope just not as the suicidal drug addict from the premier. But-- what were we talking about? Oh yeah, "Pierce, you're a B."


Our family said...

I'm so sorry about that job. I had hoped this would be "the one". I am praying for y'all many times a day and promise to keep praying. Love you!

barlow said...

You could probably find a way to ask them to give some feedback on the interview process; not sure.

Abby said...

thanks, rebekah!

jon, what was so bizarre was that before we could even ask for feedback, they actually put in the rejection email that they couldn't tell us why. isn't that weird? when we have gotten this far before, we have usually figured out at least a little bit of the reason, but i guess not this time. it just seems like when you spend several hours on specific questions, they could give you a couple of sentences worth of feedback. oh well!

barlow said...

That's odd. Maybe there are employment laws that make it difficult for employers to be specific.

Or maybe they ran across your FBI file and all that activism in the 60's is coming back to haunt you :)

jennifer h said...

Activism in the 80s maybe! Hah! Abby, we're still praying for you all. There's no way I can express all my thoughts about this here, as you well know. But I wish the results had been different.

BTW, I love all your tv references to the process. Funny.

Linda said...

Abby, So sorry to hear yet another disappointment. It was so good to see all of you a couple weeks ago. Keep hanging in there; the Lord is keeping you, albeit one day at a time. We certainly know about that!

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