Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just Thought I'd Mention This

I haven't said much about George's job hunt lately, but it occurs to me as I write to catch a friend up that I haven't really mentioned anything to anyone in a very long time. For months there really was nothing to say. But over the last month, we have been in contact with three churches! While it is very possible that none of these could be the place the Lord has for us, there is one in particular that I am hoping for. Feel free to email or call and ask about specifics. I really don't mind sharing, but may have finally learned not to publish everything! Or, if just knowing that is enough, great, and, if you think of it, pray for the really awesome one to work out. Then you can all come visit me. You will want to!

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The Rays said...

oooohhhh do tell!!! is it somewhere warm?? i am ready for some warmth!!

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