Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"My New Momma"

Elspeth has started a new thing where she talks about "my new Momma." I have pressed her on this other mother and discovered that her new mother has a green coat, a green shirt, green shoes, and, of course, green hair. She lives at the River House. She likes apples and fruit. Her new Momma says she can watch a video. Her new Momma says she can have a snack. But her new Momma also says she can play Legos only after her nap. Except for all the green, her new Momma doesn't really sound that much different from me. But she is definitely different. However, I am her "favorite Momma."


Our family said...

very cute:) at least you're the favorite momma!

e.c. said...

So funny! It's really interesting to hear what they come up with and what's going on their heads at this age. Andrew recently developed an imaginary friend named James, who is allowed to do lots of things I don't allow him to do, apparently. We were at Costco yesterday, and Andrew pointed to a $300 outside playhouse and asked if he could have it for his birthday. I said, probably not, to which he responded that James had one. I told him that James was a very lucky boy, and he was lucky to have a friend who had one..ha,ha.

The Rays said...

how does her new momma feel about chocolate? that might tell you if its you or not! :)

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