Sunday, February 07, 2010

This Is Going To Be Huge

So I'm sitting here watching Superbowl commercials (and nonchalantly cheering for Peyton Manning in between) and my kids start going nuts over the commercial (which is sort of funny, actually) with the sock monkey and the Yo Gabba Gabba guy in it. Of course, most people will recognize the Yo Gabba Gabba doll on some level, as well as the easily identifiable robot, teddy bear and sock monkey dolls, but what's up with that fringey looking thing? That's what I wondered anyway. And so, with the wealth of information from the internet at my finger tips, I quickly found out. The fringey looking doll is actually a "Mr. X" doll from an Atlanta-based company called Blabla. And they are adorable! I don't much care for the Mr. X doll (from the Boogaloo line) in particular, but some of the other Boogaloos are darling. Pictured to the left is "Coco" from the Classic blabla line. But it was hard to decide which picture to use, between Coco, Prudence the Owl, and so many others. Unless I have somehow missed the craze, I am betting that this is the next cutest-thing-you-have-to-have for all the hip mommies on the block. Or is it already? If dolls aren't your thing, they also have sweaters, booties, hats, blankets, mobiles, backpacks, and these super-sweet little rattle sets. I want it all!


Jessie said...

I tried to get Coco for C for Christmas and she was sold out all over the entire country. I was so sad. Also because I ordered her online like 3 weeks before from a company who said they had her in stock and then "their servers went down" (for two weeks, common!?) and they didn't let me know until like 4 days before Christmas. Sadness. I love all their stuff. Could take one each. Makes me determined to learn to knit because you could so knit it yourself. For way cheaper.

Our family said...

So, SO CUTE!!! I want one of everything too! Coco is precious!

annie said...

I liked that commercial. If I'm remembering, it had "How You Like Me Now" from the Heavy playing. That song grooves. I didn't notice the darling dolls, guess I was too busy looking at the sock monkey and the robot. We don't really do darling, over here. :)

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