Thursday, March 18, 2010


Okay, so I have thought of a few more things I definitely know:

1) Cadbury Eggs- sooooo good

2) Another adorable Ingrid Michaelson song- "Everybody"- delightful

3) Sunshine- more than welcome

4) Liberty of London at Target- A steal. When the fabric itself is usually $50-$60 a yard, you truly can't beat $16 for a little girl's dress. So feminine. So cheerful. So Lauren Child/Lola looking. Or something. I love it all. Plus, I don't have to sew!

5) Spring Break? It's here. Hallelujah!

6) "I and Love and You"- exactly

7) Curtains- I have thus far underrated them. I know that now. Ditto for candles.


Jessie said...

Is #6 some sort of joke for me?? You know Brooklyn always has open arms for you! (And a bed you can sleep in and a table at which you can eat meals).

Abby said...

not a joke. but it does always make me think of you. and miss you. isn't it a lovely song though?

i think it could be anywhere or anyone with the potential to heal or comfort- "take me in. are you aware the shape i'm in? my hands they shake, my head it spins..." i couldn't have written it better myself-

"one foot in and one foot back
but it don't pay to live like that
so i cut the ties and i jumped the tracks
for never to return."

you know?

Jessie said...

Yea, I know and I agree. Except I just wanted you to know you can run away to Brooklyn if you need to. It IS a very healing place ;0)

Brittnie said...

I LOVE that Liberty of London stuff at Target! I hadn't been to Target in a while- miraculously- and just saw that stuff this week. L-O-V-E. Can't wait to get some of it.

Sarah said...

Emory and I dance around our kitchen and sing both "Everybody" and "Maybe" all the time. I think "Maybe" is her favorite song and it completely cracks me up to hear her singing it to herself while playing in her room!

I've got a thought on your previous post. Actually, more like a quote from an e-mail from a friend. We were working out something similar while sweating away on neighboring ellipticals and it carried over to an e-mail conversation. As soon as I can locate the quote, I'll share it. It was that good.

Sarah said...

just found it! we were discussing parenting and how each mama has her own system, yet we seem to impose our system (sometimes unconsciously) on others as gospel. by system i mean, do we let our kids watch tv, how much sugar do they eat, do we bathe them every night, etc... i think the idea carries over to other areas of life as well. here's the quote: "think through everything and come to the best solution for your family, taking into consideration your tempermant, their tempermant, your environment, etc."

I don't know. it struck me as so wise and so freeing. this is what i think i personally have been trying to work out in my own identity crisis which came from becoming a mother. i have to do things my way, not the way someone else thinks i should. as long as i am thinking through it all with the intention to glorify God, of course. yada, yada, yada... i just thought you might enjoy the quote. you can thank aimee d. for that one. she's one smart chickie!

Abby said...

sarah, thanks for that :)

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