Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slightly Preoccupied With LOST

I think y'all know that I am a big Lost fan. Sadly, I don't know many people who are. Anyone I know who does watch the show, my dear husband included, are not the sort that want to talk about it for hours on end, throughout the week, exhausting every possible theory until it is so hole filled that it can be ruled out, considering all new information from any imaginable angle, and going back over all old information in light of the most recent episode. Lucky for me, there are places where all of these people come together. Message boards. They're like the cyber equivalent of Star Trek conventions. There are the "cool" posters, the jokey posters, "trolls", and some people who are way to knowledgeable for me to interact with on any sort of level playing field (yet you have to wonder why they are wasting their time on Lost boards- then again, that's what makes the show so appealing, that it pulls from all types of mythology, literature, religion, and ancient history). Many of the "cool" posters are actually the really knowledgeable ones. There is also all manner of etiquette that is very confusing. On the one hand, people can blatantly attack another poster and their theory, and the poster will write LOL like it's all in fun. And then on the other hand, someone can mention a song playing in next weeks preview and get completely chewed out for posting a "spoiler" without warning anyone.

I read a thread today, posted only last night, that had some 22,000 views and 200+ posts (SPOILER ALERT- if you haven't seen last night's episode yet, and are super sensitive, don't read until after the closed parentheses---- not that any of you watch this show----- when Keamy is tying Jin up in the flash sideways, he says "I'm gonna strap you here just in case you figure out what's about to happen to the Island. Can't have you freaking out" but it is hard to understand and did not show up on closed captioning--- there was a big debate about whether or not this was really what was said--- END SPOILER) and a big handful of those were people just slamming each other with cuss words and major insults for allegedly being rude. It was bizarre. Needless to say, I mostly just lurk. I so don't want to be someone who gets unwittingly attacked. I will admit to having a username and having posted about 20 or so times. Laugh all you want, at least I'm not boring you all here!

But with the etiquette issues and the "troll" problems- I had never heard of this term, and in case you haven't, trolls are people who come on and hijack threads with gross jokes or unannounced major spoilers- I am thinking my time on message boards might be cut short, especially as more spoilers leak out because the final episodes are being filmed. I am a little sad, but I have been crying from laughter the last couple of weeks thanks to a hysterical blog The Final Season of Lost as Seen by Someone Who Has Never Seen. I think that even if you haven't seen the show, but know people like me who are obsessed and hear them talk about it or even have seen the previews, you will think this is funny stuff. (I hope.)

Incidentally, I have not forgotten about Nice Sweatshirt Part 2, though you probably have. I just still don't quite know how to say what I want to say, nor all of what I want to say exactly. But for now, enjoy a funny guy's confusion over/impression of Lost.


Brittnie said...

oh, Abby. I've just known all along that we should be friends in real life.

I LOVE LOST. LOVE. And I go to the message boards sometimes. Which one(s) do you go to? I usually lurk as well- on The Fuse (Fuselage). I haven't been there this year at all b/c I want to remain spoiler-free.

I could talk about LOST for hours too, but I'm trying to chill and just enjoy the last few episodes this year. :-)

I was in HI this January with the family I nanny for and tried a little to hunt down LOST stuff/locations/people. No luck. The mom I nanny for's brother lives right on Waikiki (the family I nanny for has a condo there too), and LOST does it's premier right outside their window on the beach- but we missed it by about 2 weeks. I was super bummed.

Abby said...

That would have been so fun if you could have tracked some things down- run into some fun cast member or something. I usually lurk on ABC's message board. I've spent some time on Lostpedia's message board, but I don't like how it's set up as much. I will have to check out the Fuselage.

I am finding it hard to sit back and enjoy. I don't want to be spoiled, but I do like to read what other people think. Because it's time for some answers! And some people have some pretty good theories. But there are holes in a lot of them. So I am more than a little worried that the ending explanation might not make sense. I hope it will. I suppose they have known (sort of-ish) what they were going to do all along, but some stuff still seems like they were just sort of making it up to fill time. I hope I'm wrong though :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby:)
I have fallen victom to the blackberry and rarely get on my home computer anymore--plus it was slow as a snail and then it died--so I have been dead to the blog world...But I have been thinking about you and trying to scan through the past months of your blog to see what may be new in your world. Hope to catch up soon:)

Abby said...

Yay! Hey Sara! I have been thinking of you so much! I mean, not that I've called... But I am so glad to hear from you! Not much on the blog, sorry about that, but we'll catch up soon. If I have a number for you around here somewhere, I'll give you a call. Or just email me your number if you think I wouldn't have it. Yay!

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