Friday, May 28, 2010

At Long Last

George has a job! Within the next month, we will be "stacking up our dreams and bric-a-brac ... and flitterin' again." We're heading to Des Moines, y'all! Please join us in giving thanks!


Brittnie said...

Oh, Iowa. I guess if you have to move there, I've heard Des Moines isn't terrible. ;-) Welcome to the Tundra.

Congrats to ya'll! What a blessing to finally find the right place. Will George's job be as the Senior Pastor, or what will he be doing? Is it a big church?

And, seriously, have you watched LOST, or are you too busy packing?


Linda said...

Wonderful news! Please fill us all in when you have a chance!

RHB said...

SO happy for you all. Hope to hear about the details soon.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that "flitterin" was going to link me to that Summer Magic clip!! Congratulations to George! Praise God! BeccaB

barlow said...

George has always had a job of some sort! He's a hard working guy. Congrats guys on the new chapter!

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