Sunday, May 09, 2010

Do You Know Who Guildenstern and Rosencrantz Are?

I have noticed that the St. Louis radio stations have started playing copious amounts of Spin Doctors and Sister Hazel. All of the sudden. Weird, huh? Is this happening anywhere else? Let me know. I keep wondering if either band has a new album coming out and that is why all the stations are rocking out to "Two Princes" and "Champagne High." But it looks like it's just that there isn't enough new music worth playing. Not that Spin Doctors and Sister Hazel are worth playing. What new music are y'all listening to these days? I need something to take me away from the racket of live radio. (And, by the way, only one person in the world will get why I entitled my post this way, so don't feel lost. My older sister and I used to listen to Spin Doctors on the way to school when she had just gotten her license. It was about the only music we could agree on. There was a song on that album that mentioned Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, who she had encountered in literature before me, and after asking me several times if I knew who they were, it became a joke between us. Therefore, the title of this post was just a little wink at my sister, as she often comes to mind when I hear something by the Spin Doctors.)


RHB said...

winking back :)

and by the way, I have no tolerance for country music anymore, so we probably have more common ground on the music front now than we did back then.

barlow said...

it's so funny what a butt of jokes spin doctors have become. it is okay to admit I really like two princes?

Abby said...

Jon, I'm more partial to "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" myself :) I think we probably should just keep this between us though. If word got out, we'd lose all of our credibility when it comes to taste in music ;)

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