Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Worst Kind of Junk Mail

I got a support raising letter today from Planned Parenthood. What in the world?! I called them right away to ask them how in the world they got my information and to please take me off their list. I think it was that fun run I did this fall- the one for Congolese women? It was held by an organization called Women for Women International, an organization I know nothing about. I just wanted to run and support women from Africa. How was I to know they were chummy with the murderers of he unborn? Forgive me if that sounds brutish or calloused, I mean it to the contrary- let's not leisurely employ some anesthetized PC term and forget what it actually is (among other things, brutish). I asked the guy at PP if they share their lists, and evidently, they do. What a shame!

In the end, it was a sad, strange insight into the way Pro-life supporters are viewed by those we might call "anti-life." The main anecdote from the letter was about how these "anti-choice" people were rallying outside a Planned Parenthood office for hours on end, days at a time, and how this one "brave" young woman made her way through the picket lines and went into the building to give a donation. Supposedly, the young woman let the people in the office know that she was giving the donation because the protesters made her so mad. What? That's the best they've got? "Support us, because there are people who don't want you to." I mean, I can't imagine what sort of story they could tell to rally people to their cause, but the letter didn't seem to even be trying. Its one story revolved around the idea that "anti-choice" people are really annoying and we should all stick it to them by giving money to the thing they are against. What a strange platform. Sadly, I am sure there will be people who will give to their organization upon receiving those letters.

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Brittnie said...

When I was a marketing manager, I used to have to write the monthly support letter for the Christ-based non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation program I worked for. It was hard coming up with new material every month, but for crying out loud I never wrote something as stuid as the "because there are people who don't want you to" idea. LOL. Goodness gracious.

p.s., I just "re-commented" on your last post and the word to verify was "phocke" lol

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