Saturday, June 12, 2010


Agh! Every now and then, I have insomnia issues. I had them all the time as a kid. I have them when I am expecting, both at the beginning and end of pregnancy (and no, I am not expecting- and yes, I am sure). I have them at very inconvenient times, really. This week has been less inconvenient than it could have been, but still, I'd like to be asleep right now. I have read a lot the past two nights, so tonight I got a wild hair to stalk people on Facebook. I'm still a conscientious objector when it comes to Facebook, but George recently broke down and got an account. I have to say that I was close, very close in fact, to caving in and just getting an account myself. In just a few weeks, I will move somewhere where I know no one and my best chance of maintaining friendships in some form will be, let's face it, Facebook. I decided that keeping up via one line updates is really okay. And that just because the nature of friendship has degraded to a very strange and technological status, doesn't mean that mine have to- Facebook can just be a tool to maintain friendships between more lengthy emails or phone conversations or annual visits (sad, are these my friends or my dentist?!). But then, George got an account.

Okay, so I'm too tired to go through all the reasons I still object, and I am sure you all have some very good points for why I shouldn't. But I'm just not able to cross over. "However," I thought to myself after staring into the dark for 40 minutes or so tonight, "I could try to find people through George's account!" And so, I hopped out of bed, came downstairs, and got online thinking I would find my long lost best friends from seventh and eighth grade before we moved back to Nashville, wondering if I could finally see if I could get any information on that one guy I had a crush on that I think might have been gay (is he married now? or possibly "out?"), and hoping to see what all the hype is about. Do you know, I can't even find my sister on Facebook? And let me just say that there are over 500 results when I type in the name of my best friend from high school. I totally didn't need to see her Facebook page since I still keep in touch with her and don't actually have a Facebook account (a novel idea, I know, keeping in touch with people in a world without Facebook), but if I did want to, I'd never be able to find her!

Meh! I should have read again tonight. I don't know why I'm posting this except that I just haven't posted in a while and because I think I mentioned the possibility of getting an account to some of y'all. I wanted to let you know that you can get off the edge of your seat now (since I know that's right where you've been), because I remain a foe of Facebook. I know, I know, I will miss out on so much. But you can always find me here on my pretty pink page, or, you know, email, telephone, my house...

I'm hoping I can actually sleep now. And if not, there's always Anne of Windy Poplars (which, I also am not much of a fan of- 3 books of Anne may have been enough). Maybe I'll write again in tomorrow's wee hours of the morning. This is starting to look very much like I have my days and nights mixed up!

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