Friday, June 18, 2010


The insomnia is out of hand, y'all. It has now morphed into the variety where you are able to sleep for a few hours, but then something wakes you up and you can't get back to sleep to save your life.

I was up from about 4:30 to 7:30 this morning watching all of Jimmy Fallon's "thank you notes" on this site. Don't ask me why that was the way I chose to use my time. Mostly, I was too tired to read or be productive. I should also probably admit to watching a lot of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon online lately. Somehow, George and I got really into his parody of The Hills, 7th Floor West, last summer. I guess it was back in the days where we stayed up all night- have we become grown ups?! With summer here again, I recently looked to see if 7th Floor West was back this year, and while it's not as of yet, I did find a whole lot of other parodies and other funnies that I have missed during the school year.

While you likely won't have three hours in the middle of the night to waste watching his thank you notes any time soon, you may have fifteen or twenty minutes to watch both episodes of 6bee, Jimmy's parody of Glee that is spot on. "Robert is bothered" is another recurring sketch that George and I watched through the other day. Most of them are really strange and therefore more confusing than funny (though still funny or we wouldn't have kept watching), so I'd recommend one of the other series if you are at all interested in any of this. Perhaps the most fun little gem to me is one that I wish I had found earlier, Late, a Lost spoof complete with dramatic music, numbers, whispers, cryptic non-answers, and characters satirizing Jack, Kate, Sawyer (and Sayid combined?), John Locke, Benjamin Linus, Michael, Walt, Christian Shepherd, Desmond (played by Mick Jagger), and even Vincent/Jacob (as a gold fish instead of a dog). There are 7 10 minute episodes, so this too is more of a time commitment. However, I need to laugh at Lost (as opposed to shake my fist at it), so watching it was time well spent for me. Probably would've been better if I hadn't wasted about an hour and a half this morning watching it when I should have been packing... but still, time well spent.

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