Monday, June 28, 2010

Mac and Cheese, Please

In the last little while, I have switched from Kraft mac and cheese to Annie's. I think the main reason is because of how often my kiddos started wanting "the blue box." I wanted to try a "healthier" option. Unfortunately, healthier can be more expensive, but I try to stock up when they're on special. So, right after a purchase of six boxes, my family chose to tell me that they didn't actually like Annie's because it doesn't taste like Kraft. Perfect timing, right?! Well, the next five boxes gave me plenty of chances to experiment with butter and cream, but the fam held firm- they wanted their Kraft back. I held off on the last box because I was not up for the whining. But last week, I was so low on groceries that I broke it out with promises to pick up some of "the right kind" when I went to the store. So, for the last box, I decided not to even try- just make it like the box says and have it done with. And then I went to the fridge and discovered there was no milk, there was no cream, there was no butter. I grabbed the only dairy substance to be had, sour cream, and whadaya know? That was the trick! It passed the kid test, it passed the George test (no small feat!), and it definitely passes my test because it means I can keep buying Annie's.

I found an article that compares the two brands based on cost, nutrition and taste. Kraft won because it beat Annie's in both cost and taste, but they didn't know about my sour cream trick. Don't worry, I told them about it in the comments. (I'm such a dork.) But I am pretty excited about my serendipitous save.


Renae said...

It's never occurred to me to use sour cream ... boo-YA, good for you!!

Long time no chat, hope you are doing well. I've been away from the bloggy-world for so long I'd almost forgotten it existed. But facebook tends to encourage shortened attention spans already truncated by small offspring ... so I checked back in briefly. <3 and kisses!!

Anonymous said...

Renae! It's great to hear from you! Where are you? What's going on in your life? I just clicked over to your blog and maybe that will catch me up. I'm so glad you said hello. I know how it is to be in and out of the blog world. I have just now started trying to be a little more in and see how it goes. Mostly, I just keep talking about food! Why? I don't know. But that's what's on my mind (and ever more shall be so?)

I am trying to publish this comment and I totally can't remember my password! uh oh!

:) Abby

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