Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving Status Update- Volume 2

We found a house!!! Hurray! It looks as if we will officially be Iowans sometime around the 20th of July. That's a smidge later than they originally wanted us, but it's the best we could do. I have not actually seen the house, but I've seen the pictures George took when he was there. It looks like it's a cute little place with a lot of space, in a great neighborhood, and owned by a really reliable family. The only snag in all of it is that we can't keep our cat. I am not sure that has sunk in yet. Fortunately, my very dear younger sister has offered to take him in, and I am hoping he will be very happy in Arkansas. The good news is that I will be able to see him when I visit her and get updates on his adventures in between, and possibly, get him back someday.

We aren't just downsizing to no pets; we're going to be selling a lot on Craigslist. If you have any random little (or big) thing you need, let me know- I just may be willing to part with it!


Sarah said...

hey abby! as we are unexpectedly expecting #3, i'm in the market for baby gear :). i'm sure you've already parted with all of yours, though. AND, if you have a sleeper sofa laying about, we'd take it!

Brittnie said...

I am excited that you are moving to Iowa. And, seriously, I don't like Iowa that much. No one knows why. I have heard wonderful things about Des Moines, though.

I think I am also excited b/c I think it sounds like a fun adventure for you and your family.

Happy moving!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I tried to post this yesterday, but George had the laptop all day and I could not remember my login to log in on our PC (uh oh!) I still can't and it's not on the laptop either, so I'm going anonymous!

Anyway, Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for y'all!

I was also going to tell you that I hadn't shared it on here as much, but one of the most grueling things about not having a job for two years was that we had already been waiting a few months to go ahead and have another baby before graduation. We thought we'd wait until we got settled. Then, for two years, there was the problem of no insurance, no money, no future, etc. So we have saved ALL of our baby stuff- only now to have nowhere to store it! I am debating between selling it all and just buying new stuff if we need it or storing it at George's mom's house (provided she will let us). I'll let you know if I'm selling, though I'm not positive I'd know how to get it down to you. We probably won't be in B'ham again until January.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was Abby, by the way, as is this :)

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