Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Short Vacation

We're off to Arkansas this morning to take our dear Jimmy Blue Bean (almost always just "Blue," but George spent a lot of time choosing the full name eleven years ago) to live with his Aunt Sarah. Y'all have a good week- if there are any of you left!


The Rays said...

sad for you to have to take Blue! call me when you get back- oh, and mark and i LOVE (well, i love maybe mark likes) parenthood! great show.

churnock said...

You're my boy Blue.

Our family said...

Sorry you have to take him too:( We, too, love Parenthood and I also loved your post on Elspeth. I just love her:) I'm still here keeping up with your blog, just have been too lazy to comment but I have loved reading through some of your recipes and I plan to make lots of them soon!

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