Sunday, September 05, 2010

The First Leaf of Fall

Well, I thought it was a little early, but there it was on the ground, the first leaf of Fall. The maples are always the first to turn (and sycamores and oaks are always last- though oak leaves often just turn brown and don't even fall), so it really is early, but fall is always such a happy time, that the first leaf of fall is a very hopeful thing. As you may remember, I suffer from Summer SAD. It's totally undiagnosed by anyone who knows what they're talking about, but still, I know that I have it. How do I know? Because, as I have explained in detail before (so I won't bore you again), I hate summer. This summer was the first summer that I can remember that I was actually looking forward to. And of course, compared to the way things had been going for a while, this was a really great summer (what a surprise, the night before the last day of school- you've got a job! time to move!). Still, on the odd days where I have felt low in the past few weeks, I have reminded myself that it's not so odd to feel disoriented and displaced after one moves to a totally new place where she knows no one, that it's not surprising that one would feel overwhelmed and intimidated when she takes on the task of teaching both first and fourth grade for the first time and answering to the government with pages of paperwork for said task, and that after all, it is summer. So, finding that leaf on the sidewalk on a rainy Sunday evening last week was a happy thing, a reminder of good things to come.

I wrote all of this a week ago and haven't had time to post! This was my crazy, two birthdays in nine days week. Add a visit from George's parents and grandparents and the fact that we were still totally unpacked and disorganized- and that George had to paint every room in the entire apartment!- and you have a good excuse for my absence. But I shall be back soon with pictures and posts and of course, pumpkin recipes.


annie said...

Awesome, I can't wait for pictures and pumpkin recipes.

I'm glad that y'all are doing well and have had a hectic fun time with family and birthdays.

We have a birthday in a few days....can you believe that J will be 14? I can't.

Love the orange, too, by the way!

Sarah said...

Abby, I was reading some older posts I'd missed and wanted to pass along that I got an e-mail from Pottery Barn Kids that said Star Wars sheets were on sale. Just wanted to let you know. Soooo jealous of your new digs!

Anonymous said...

so, um, yeah, still waiting for some awesome pumpkin recipes :)

annie said...

Abby, where are you? Come back...bring pumpkin! :)

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