Saturday, October 09, 2010

Impromptu Pumpkin Pajama Party

Well, the weekend is turning out to be pretty nice. I am somewhat annoyed with the 85 degree heat (okay, really annoyed) but posting about pumpkins last night put me in the holiday spirit anyway. I went on a walk by myself today that ended up running about two hours so that helped too! I was this dorky lady walking around the neighborhood with an ever increasing handful of leaves. But no one threw a coke bottle at me today- which is more than we can say for other days (have I told this story? I totally felt like Nicholas Cage in The Weather Man)!

George is out for a youth group meeting tonight and I am trying to stretch the groceries in the fridge for another few days so I was sort of at a loss for what to make for dinner. And then I just got festive and silly all at once and made everyone a banana split, complete with orange Halloween Oreos, warm caramel, and a garnish of Halloween M&M's, for a special Daddy's out/Saturday night/it's almost Halloween supper. Hey, there were at least three food groups represented (too bad I didn't have peanut M&M's)! Gymboree had a special on PJs a few weeks ago, $10 a pair! I couldn't resist these matching happy pumpkin pajamas for my girls. Tonight became their debut, warm from the dryer after Saturday night baths. And to round off the evening, we all watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.


The Rays said...

I have to say I love being able to see pictures of your babies!! I don't know how many I've seen of Elspeth- probably could count them on one hand :( so I am thankful for more! Love the pumpkin pjs!!

Sarah said...

How is Amabel that big?! She's gorgeous, actually both girls are, but she's such a beautiful blend of you and George. Good job, Abby! :)

Fittsy said...

Beautiful girls in darling PJs! Can't wait to see you all in a few more months!

xoxo -


Katie said...

So cute!!! I miss those sweet faces.

annie said...

Darling! We miss you guys.

Our family said...

LOVE the pumpkin pjs!!! What a fun idea to have ice cream for supper!

I walked through Target yesterday and kept thinking of you with all the cute fall stuff out:)

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