Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pretty Plates

So I guess no one cares about story books... I can dig it. But perhaps someone among you is looking for a really special wedding or anniversary gift? My dear and talented sister-in-law has an Etsy shop that I have been meaning to plug for quite some time. She makes really lovely hand painted, personalized plates with her clients' wedding invitations (or wedding announcement, baby announcement, etc.). It's the idea of the old cross-stitched or decoupage invitation plaque (you know, the one with the burnt edges...) with a little less cheese and a lot more class. It's updated, to say the least. It's also functional rather than merely decorative, and it is likely to suit any bride's taste (after all, she picked her invitation). It's a modern, elegant, and unique way to display a keepsake from a treasured day.

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The Rays said...

those are beautiful! what a great idea.

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