Monday, November 15, 2010

Take a Look, It's in a Book

I am guessing that all of us can remember being read some of our all time favorite children's stories on Reading Rainbow. I don't really remember having many books of my very own at my house, and I don't remember frequenting the library apart from summer reading, but there are dozens of stories that I know I heard as a child. I credit elementary school teachers and librarians and LeVar Burton. Supposedly Reading Rainbow aired as late as 2006, but I know my children have never seen it. PBS in St. Louis had a knack for putting some of the best shows on only on Wednesdays- America's Test Kitchen, Mr Rogers, Thomas the Tank, etc.- I'm guessing this is where Reading Rainbow got thrown in? Anyway, I came across this little notice today, dated from way back in March, where it was reported that LeVar Burton tweeted that Reading Rainbow is planning to return to television in a new format. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Well, in the meantime, I have recently found these awesome story times online from Barnes and Noble dot com. Want to hear Where the Wild Things Are read by Maurice Sendak? Or how about The Mitten read by Jan Brett? Or Olivia read by Ana Gasteyer (not the author, but still, a delightful reading voice)? Click here for those and others. Click the newest story (The Mitten) and enjoy all of the stories available on continuous play (I'm thinking this will buy me 30 minutes to do something while the kiddos watch!).

If you get through everything Barnes and Noble has to offer, here's a link to, another story time site put together by The Screen Actors Guild Foundation. As you might guess, that means you have stories read by all kinds of celebrities. Most of the books are not ones I know much about, and I like the idea of the book being read by its author better; but I think you'll agree that Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog is worth a click, and I always like the idea of being introduced a story I haven't heard before.

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Jennifer said...

I love Harry the Dirty Dog, and I can imagine Betty White doing a good job with that story. Good info in this post. Thanks.

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