Friday, December 03, 2010

Giveaway Gone Wrong

I'm pretty sure no one reads anymore- not that there is much to read- but, just in case, did anyone see Ellen today? I haven't watched her show in a couple of years, but I was sewing today and Rachel Ray was on Food Network (no thanks) so I flipped around until I found Ellen. I was watching very casually, so I don't know for sure what happened, but I saw enough that I really want to know. From what I saw, Ellen was trying to help someone in her audience out for the holidays with a surprise giveaway. She read the letter that the person wrote out loud and then they showed the person in the audience in a split screen shot, totally surprised to hear her letter. So Ellen calls her up and starts asking her about the details of her letter.

Detail 1, the girl's mom was sick and in the hospital for a long time with extensive hospital bills. So Ellen asks the girl how her mom is. She says her mom is doing really well and goes to the gym every day. So Ellen is kind of wowed by that- what a remarkable recovery! She is glad for her, of course, and moves on to another topic.

Detail 2, the girl had also been laid off and was unemployed. So Ellen says that she is so glad her mom is doing better, but that she knows things are still rough since she doesn't have a job. The girl says that actually they hired her back at well over the rate they were paying her before. Wow! Okay... So Ellen is glad for her about this too and moves on to another topic.

Detail 3, the girl had sold her car to pay for her mom's medical bills. Ellen says that she thought she was going to help her but that it sounds like things are already looking up. But maybe she can help anyway, she knows that it must be rough not having a car. "You don't have a car right?""No, I have TWO cars! I wrote that letter like a year ago..." So Ellen says, "Wow, well, we should really do some more research when we do these things, I guess...."

Detail 4, the girl watches the show every day- ".... but you watch the show every day, huh?" "Yeah, well, I don't watch it quite as often as I used to since it's Oprah's last season." What?! Seriously?! And then, all of the sudden, there were chimes and it was time for the 12 days of giveaways.

It was the strangest thing. I don't think they ever finished with the girl. And I have Googled it and can't find anything about it. Was it a joke? Did anyone else see this? It was so bizarre and tacky and just all around unbelievable. It's even weirder to me that I can't find anything about it anywhere. I know it's just a random talk show, but it was hilariously awkward.


Rebecca Brown said...

I'm still reading, goose. Keep writing. :) Funny story! Y'all traveling for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

I saw this!!! I keep trying to find clips to show people, but I can't find one online :(

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading! You never respond to my comments!

Re: Ellen: its a joke. One year, Jim Carrey pretended to.... who was he dating that writes those books?


Anonymous said...

(he pretended to propose to that girl.... what's her name?)


Abby said...

Jenny McCarthy. Okay, good. I'm glad it's a joke. I decided to watch it again today and I saw the panda bear sneaking up on Mila whatever her name is right when the chimes rang, so I thought maybe it's a thing she does-- like I said, i don't watch the show that often. Funny though!

Anonymous said...

it wasn't a joke..ellen looked really upset when the girl made the comment about orpah...and after that they quickly cut away. Also, ellen was genuinely surprised when the girl said they wrote that a year ago. then entire episode was bizarre from that to a recycled taylor swift performance. anyone been able to find the video online?

Abby said...

I found the video by searching "ellen giveaways joke" and this is the url (if it posts right)

Brittnie said...

Every year she tries to trick people during her 12 days of giveaways and in the middle of something cool, weird, fun whatever, it's interrupted by the 12 Days bells.

The one that I mentioned where she had Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy (thanks for the name!) on when he pretended to propose got some buzz too. Jenny's own MOM thought it was real.

It's all just for fun- somedays are bigger jokes than others.

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