Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Back for a Bit

Well, Happy New Year to everyone! Here we are on the last day of Christmas, and I have missed the entire season on my blog. I have to say that it wasn't quite the same this year. I mean, a lot was fantastic. We got a gorgeous snow on the 23rd and had had snow on the ground for a while before then, so the result was a true "winter wonderland." It was lovely. And we did get to have one Christmas party, though I would have much preferred to have a full house all season long as I have grown fond of doing. I sent Christmas cards out this year, which I neglected to do last year, but I wasn't able to track down any of my favorite Winter Rose Poinsettias for the mantle, nor was I able to find time to make my wreaths or a ginger bread house. So some of our decorations were missing. I even neglected to find a fitting place for my rusty stars (though not for lack of trying)!

I think I just felt displaced. It makes sense after six years in St. Louis- though the house was different nearly every year, the city and some of the folks were the same. It may have just taken its toll on me, all of this moving and changing. Even in St. Louis, there were three churches and three schools over the years. I wonder often what it would be like to still be in Birmingham, to have been there for ten years now with our dear old friends from college, to have that established community and comfortable and familiar traditions.

Comfortable and familiar- two words I would never use to describe my adult life! But still, there is something to be said for growing and changing and the excitement of the new and unknown. I will be honest, the new and unknown has become more tiresome and unnerving than exciting and adventurous, but wouldn't I be complaining of boredom if I had it the other way? I know I would!

So hurray for 2011! I will be packing up my Christmas decorations in the next day or so, and I already know that it will be with tape and the strong smell of Sharpie because the Christmas boxes will go through yet another move before Christmas comes around again. Where will it be to? There's no telling at this point. Some of the old boxes, ones that moved us from Birmingham to St. Louis six moves ago, finally gave out this Christmas, but the generosity of family from across the country brought much Christmas cheer packed in new boxes just in time! George is mourning the loss of some of the last of the Hewlett Packard boxes with handles that stacked so perfectly in the U- Haul in "the 2004 move (our easiest move ever)."

Besides the move, I know the year holds many adventures, and that is why I didn't even begin to think about resolutions. Who has time?! I'm just doing the best I can to get by, why on earth would I throw something new in there to add to my list?! Like all of you, my "list" is cooking, cleaning, exercising, getting kids where they need to be, encouraging and disciplining said children, dressing, feeding, and grooming same children, trying to find time to serve and love on church family, extended family, and friends, loving my husband, and, unfortunately, also homeschooling.

Yep, I said unfortunately about homeschooling. I have decided it is not for us. I still think everything I've always thought about how wonderful it is. But I have pretty much decided that my ideals are not very practical for our family and that there is nothing wrong with being an average person. I aspire to be average! I mean, sure, my kids could get a kick butt education at home and learn all manner of things they never teach in regular schools IF I was disciplined enough to actually teach all of those things to them. But, hello, we're talking about me. They're lucky if I get them started by 10am and do anything beyond the 3 Rs. But I'm going to go ahead and press through the year. I didn't want them to be new in school 3 years in a row, so we'll stick to that. I'll get them where they need to be for school in the fall and that will be that. I can't wait to sell all of my homeschool stuff! What a load off!

Alright, I do feel bad about the lack of posting over the last month, and especially about the fact that I totally skipped Christmas. How very unfestive of me :) We did have a nice Christmas though. We stayed here in town and George was given the opportunity to preach for worship services on both Christmas Eve and the 26th. I think that will be an adjustment too in years to come. Where I felt like there was so much to do at home and I could have really used a hand, George was super busy at work and we really didn't see much of him until Christmas. But it was also very nice to have those obligations. It would have been easy to be lonely in a new city so far away from old friends and family, but we were delighted to have new friends with whom to spend the days surrounding Christmas Day and didn't have a chance to feel lonely.

I do have a belated Christmas gift for y'all though. The recipes have been piling up and I have not posted any in such a long time. Sooo, starting tomorrow (because I don't want to write anymore tonight), the twelve days of Christmas starts Abby style (so late that everything else is already over) with twelve days of recipes. I've got some goodies to share! And, who knows, maybe the twelve days will get me back in the habit of blogging.


Rebecca Brown said...

Yay! There you are! Glad for the update. Do you know where you're heading next year?

Abby said...

Nope. George had a quick phone interview with a church in PA last night, but it seems they already have a favorite. Other than that, we haven't had any conversations to speak of... We'll definitely keep you posted. Y'all doing okay? We should be through St. Louis in the next couple of months so I hope I'll get a chance to see you then!

annie said...

I, too, packed our Christmas things well this year. We shall see if it was in vain or not.

I'm really excited about these 12 days of recipes coming up! You always have some great ones and I NEED some new recipes. :)

Fittsy said...

I'm excited to hear your recipes.

And I hear you about homeschooling. I hope that you're in a place where there is affordable schooling available. It's such a tough call. And I agree about aiming for average. I truly don't want my children to attend super duper colleges, which are often bastions of liberalism. My hearts desire is for them to love learning and love God, along the lines of Micah 3 "loving justice and mercy, and walking humbly with God". I have a really hard time keeping that in focus.

Our Christmas stuff is packed away, as of a few hours ago and the help of my very kind in-laws. I didn't think about packing it carefully for a move, though that could be in the cards for 2011 but probably not until 2012, realistically.

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