Monday, January 31, 2011

Ina's Chicken Wings!

Alright, let's get this going. Enough fooling around with cutesy post titles. This is not high school yearbook staff. Sadly. Because high school yearbook staff was awesome. But so is my blog. Not really. I clammed up there for a while. I couldn't take the heat. And let me just say, yes, when you blog, you are inviting anyone from anywhere to read your words at any time. I guess I just never anticipated how critical people would be. Not you. You know I'm not talking about you. The ones of you left that are still reading actually like me :) I know this. And I never really was writing to people who didn't like me. I mean, seriously, what's not to like?! I never imagined people would have such a problem with me! St. Louis, Misery. It was a joke, people! And it was funny. Because I was pretty darned miserable. It was good for me in the end. And I think I always knew that. But it was hard. And if I have to explain why, then never mind.

And I had some feelings there for a while. It was raw and rough. I know. It was honest though. But I think it was too honest. I guess it's one thing to be honest about what we can all relate to and laugh about, but the depths of woe is quite another thing. I think that's why God gave us the Psalms, the very private lamentations of "the man after God's own heart." If that beloved saint felt the same way as we do in our own struggles, then surely we are not alone, regardless of how lonely these times certainly feel. One of the biggest lessons I learned throughout my time in the Lou (as in the toilet?) was that most people out there really can't understand what your life is like. And they can't help it because they're not you. The hard thing is when they think they do. It makes it even lonelier doesn't it? I have friends who know this way better than me. I have looked at them in their struggles and thought, "I have no idea what your life is like." And I am amazed by the grace and sense of humor with which they have handled their circumstances. But I feel sad too because I know it was lonely for them on some level. And I couldn't be the friend they needed, and I couldn't make it better. But at least I get that now. I know "the valley of the shadow of death" in a new way. And I will tell you that the people who loved me best while I was there had been there too. So, if you ever find yourself there, if you haven't already been there and set up a semi-permanent residence there, I hope I can love you as well as I was loved.

For now though, be you in the depths or on the mountain, it is bound to change. Eventually, there is a way out of Misery. And even when you escape, your mother-in-law lives there so you have to go back and visit. (Ha ha!) And either way, you gotta eat. (The Rally's commercials taught me that.) You will probably want to eat this Sunday during the Super Bowl. I didn't even know it was this Sunday until yesterday when they announced that the food for the potluck next Sunday would be game day food. I had already decided to share this, but now it seems even more appropriate. I don't think anyone from our church here in Iowa even knows I have a blog, but just in case anyone's been a-lurkin', I'm bringing these on Sunday, so make these another time, please. Everyone else, feel free to prepare these for you various game day gatherings.

Buffalo Chicken Wings - we buy frozen chicken wings a lot because we love wings, but these are so little work and still so yummy (without being scarily beefy like some of those in the frozen section- did these wings come off a chicken on steroids?!) that they're really such an easy swap out. You're really not losing much (time, energy, effort, money) to make these over the old frozen standby.

16 wings (about 3 pounds)
1/2c. unsalted butter
1 tsp. cayenne
1 tsp. Tabasco
1 tsp. kosher salt

preheat broiler. cut wings into thirds at joints and discard wing tips. melt the butter and add cayenne, hot sauce, and salt. put wings on a sheet pan and brush them with the butter. broil them about 3 inches below the heat for about 8 minutes. turn the wings, brush them again with butter and broil for 4 more minutes, or until cooked.

we serve these with our favorite ranch dressing and carrots and celery sticks. yum!


Fittsy said...

I'll definitely make these on Sunday, but we won't be watching the game. I guess we should have waited a few more weeks to cancel cable.

And what's your favorite Ranch these days? I like Lite House. Have you had it?

Rebecca Brown said...

Ha, ha, Rebekah, we're holding on to our cable till Monday for just that reason! :)

This IS a great recipe--very similar to the one we have already. I have a wing dip I'm making for this weekend though. More child-friendly.

Here's to joy in the Misery!

Abby said...

Rebekah, I really don't have a favorite. I was being charming ;) I am always looking for one as good as Sysco. Ditto for honey mustard. I have seriously considered purchasing the huge pumps of both condiments because I love them so much and nothing else comes close. I usually shop store brands in hopes that Sysco has sold it to the store. Years ago Kroger's store brand was fantastic, but I think they changed the recipe sometime in the late 90s. If I see Lite House, I will have to try it. I haven't had it before.

Rebecca, you are so cute! I would love your wing dip recipe if you're willing to share. I think I have had something like that before and it was SO good. Plus, you're right, it isn't nearly so messy for the kiddos.

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