Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Post- No Recipes Today

Sorry, y'all. I still promise the 12 days of recipes, they are just clearly not going to be consecutive days :) We'll get there before February though, I promise! That leaves nineteen days to get the next 10 days posted. I can do that!

I hope everyone is enjoying the snow. I went for a walk the day we got the first big accumulation and it was silent and sparkly and sublime. I wanted to walk on and soak it up forever, but twilight and suppertime determined that I had to turn homeward. I tried to take pictures for y'all, but the camera just could not do it justice. And I know that y'all are seeing it in your own neighborhoods wherever you are. I adore it. This Southern girl was starved for the white stuff all her young life, and therefore I think it will always cause my heart to sing when I hear that magic word announced.

Snow. Some Southerners dread it. I remember that I had two friends in Alabama whose husbands were also considering seminary at the same time as George. And their primary objection had nothing to do with finances or the leaving behind of friends and family and all they held dear- it was the snow they dreaded, the cold of winter, the ice and the frost. But for me, that was a perk, a significant upside (albeit only four months out of the year) to life outside the South. Now, don't get me wrong, it's no even trade, but I will tell you that, walking through my lovely neighborhood in the 17 degree cold, I found myself feeling more than a little sad that I won't be here to enjoy it next winter. And well, unless I find myself in Alabamy, or at least close enough to get myself to Jordan Hare once or twice next fall, I will certainly consider days like the last few we have had quite a loss. Put me back within easy distance of the Loveliest Village on the Plains though, and it's a different story. Who needs snow when the trees are white with Tiger Pride :) Something about all these white trees all around the country makes me think God is an Auburn Tigers fan!

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Fittsy said...

War Eagle!! It was such a fun victory and on my Mom's, who was here celebrating and watching with us, birthday, no less!

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