Friday, March 11, 2011

Appreciation for Invention

A few weeks ago, Jimmy Fallon had a funny joke on his weekly thank you notes. "Thank you, ketchup packets, for having exactly one tenth the amount of ketchup I'm gonna need." It was one of those moments where I was just like, "Yeah! What's the deal with that?" I had never thought about it before. My whole life I've just been grabbing five ketchup packets, tearing and squeezing, tearing and squeezing, tearing and squeezing. And then Jimmy went and pointed it out and I wondered why in the world Heinz couldn't just make a bigger packet. And guess what? They did! I saw the article online last week somehow (maybe someone's blog linked to it?), but I didn't know when or where I might see them. And then, two nights ago, we made a family trip to Chick-fil-A and there they were.

They're three times the size of regular ketchup packets. You can tear the bottle top off at the perforations to squeeze or peel the foil off the top to dip. It's a beautiful thing.

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