Monday, March 14, 2011

They're Eating Chinese Food on How I Met Your Mother and it Looks Darn Good

Do any of y'all ever make Chinese food at home? Do you have any good ideas for a starter dish for me? I actually don't even eat out Chinese very often- as in, almost never. But it's so yummy. I'd love to be able to make it at home some time. My younger sister sent me a beef and broccoli recipe a while back and I think I'm ready to try it. My kids' favorite veggie is broccoli. But beef is so expensive. And I'm afraid of it. I would love to have access to affordable, organic, grass fed beef. But when we moved here, there were all the waiting lists for co-ops or annual fees. When you know you're only going to be somewhere for a year, the ship sales pretty quickly on those things. Maybe the next stop... Anyway, I'd love some pointers for making Chinese food at home with "normal" cookware (I don't have a wok). I think I'll make a trip to Gateway Market in the next couple of days (it's the closest thing we have to Whole Foods and the only place I can find turkey lunch meat that doesn't gross me out) for some meat. I'll let y'all know how the beef and broccoli turns out later in the week.


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

If you find any, let me know! I love Chinese food but other than Chinese stir-fry, there isn't much that we make here at home :-/

rebekah said...

Please share if you find some good recipes. I'm gonna need to know how to make some Chinese food in the future:) On a side note, I just discovered How I Met Your Mother a couple of months ago and I have gotten hooked. It comes on every night at 10:30 and I have been staying up just to watch it.

Abby said...

Jenny- do you make a frozen stir fry? I don't even know how to do that. Or do you make it from scratch? What do you use? (Even the brand if you use a kit would be good to know!)

Rebekah- HIMYM! I know, right? It's SO good! George and I laugh so hard at that show. We started watching it when we moved here and I think we have caught up on almost every episode. We have free cable, so between all the various channels, you could easily watch it six times a day!!! We don't, of course, but it is a great late night treat for us! I watch it in the a.m. on lifetime sometimes too :)

lauren g. said...

hey abby-this is the "base recipe" that i use from cooks illustrated:

it's very adaptable to any tastes. i have also made a beef and broccoli that was yum...i'll look around for it. :)

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