Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Little Trees

I got the coolest necklace today from Etsy with some of my eBay money. Hurray for Paypal payments! I ended up selling about $380 of stuff. How is that possible?! Well, my silverware brought in over $150 and my maternity clothes brought in about $80. In deciding there would be no more Georbies (affectionate term for children of George and Abby), I went through some of the old baby clothes and sold/ gave away a lot of that. The totals from all of the baby stuff I decided to sell came in at around $80. Then I sold some shoes and a few other odds and ends which made up the rest of it. Anyway, no, I didn't blow all of my money on a necklace. I only spent $29. But isn't it nice to get something for yourself sometimes? A girl in Auburn makes these. They are Toomer's trees! She has all different colored glass and metals. I thought this one would be pretty with all the brown I tend to wear. And if I had makeup on, I may actually put up a picture of myself wearing it, I love it so! But enough shopping for baubles, I gotta replace that silverware! Plastic is literally not cutting it!


george said...

cool necklace.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful and as always you have a cool story to tell about how it is a Toomer's tree. You didn't just get it b/c it's a pretty necklace :) I love that about the paintings you found me from all the millions of places I've thoughtful. I still have the link saved for those...maybe I'll hint for mother's day or something. Love you. Sarah

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