Saturday, April 09, 2011

What Are We Going To Do With Uncle Arthur?

This news would be a lot more interesting to y'all if I had previously shared that last year, George and I spent hours watching the old 1970s BBC series Upstairs Downstairs on DVDs we checked out from the St. Louis County Library. I think we both shed tears during the finale as well as during several of the more poignant episodes. Lord Bellamy, the show's strong central upstairs character, and Hudson, Mrs. Bridges, and Rose, the most loyal and honorable of the downstairs staff, became like friends and family to us.

I do this. I get so involved with the characters in a series, be it on DVD or in books, because I spend so much time with them, that I really end up grieving their loss when the series is completed. When I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I think I was depressed for a week. I read/ listened to all of the books in a row, one to seven straight, and then, no more? It was like losing my friends! This also happened when I bought George all of the DVDs of Northern Exposure as they were released. When we reached the end, it was hard to move on. As a coping mechanism, I usually do a lot of research about the author and characters or the writers and actors hoping to find out if there is any chance for more.

So, in my search for more Upstairs Downstairs, I read a rumor that there was talk of a movie, but I couldn't find much on it. I looked again and again over weeks and months and never saw more than a paragraph about a rumor. And then tonight, I was looking to see what might be on TV tomorrow night (I do this sometimes when I am totally bored with what's on right then), and I saw Masterpiece Classics (NEW). "Hmmm," thinks I, "that could be something good." But, little did I know, it would be something great.

So here's the scoop. Masterpiece Classics will be showing Upstairs Downstairs in three one hour episodes on April 10, 17, and 24th. For us in Des Moines, this will be at 8:00PM. The miniseries will star Jean Marsh who will reprise her role as Rose, Keeley Hawes, of Wives and Daughters fame, as our upstairs mistress, and Claire Foy, of Little Dorrit fame, who appears to be playing someone named Lady Persephone. (I hope they keep her away from the pomegranates...) So if you can't catch them on a Sunday night on TV, you can always watch online. The only thing you can't watch online is a video that might explain my post title. Perhaps you should track down the DVDs to find out! Eaton Place, here I come!

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