Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Defense of My Stories

I guess it's a little weird to some people that I make such a big deal out of TV shows. Remember Lost? Let's try not to. And I've been know to get really sucked in to some seasons of The Apprentice and American Idol. But then there are some shows that as a whole body of work are just way above the rest- they're as well written as good literature and well played out as a good film (week after week after week!). Shows like that don't come along very often. And out of those shows, only few of them resonate with a person.

Y'all know what I mean. Books are the same way. After I finished the last Harry Potter book, I really had a hard time for more than a week. I felt like I had lost my three best friends. Their lives were continuing somewhere else, but I no longer got to hang out with them. I felt the same way about Betsy, Tacy, Tib, and Betsy's whole family when I finished the last Betsy-Tacy book. I actually cried about it, y'all! How could Betsy just leave me out of the rest of her life after all we had been through? It does sound very silly, but when you spend that much time reading and loving (because why would you read the next book if you didn't love them) the characters and their stories, it is hard to let go. Incidentally, if you have not read the Betsy-Tacy books, you really should.

Well, the way I feel about Harry and Ron and Hermione is the way I feel about Marshall and Lilly and Ted and Barney and Robin. They're my friends. And yeah, that makes me feel a little losery. It also makes me sad to see Jason Segel or Josh Radnor on a talk show and remember that Marshall and Ted aren't real. Even worse, Marshal and Ted, and Hermione and Harry and Ron too, have no idea who I am! (And worse still, they're not real...) Oh well, a minor detail, right?

Anyway, I guess I thought I would explain why I am carrying on about some random show. It's not random to me! And now I have to wait until the fall for more. And then it's just two more seasons (the one season rumor was false- hurray for a bonus!). But all good things must come to an end. The Wonder Years did (and they still don't have it out on DVD!), Arrested Development did (now that's just good comedy! and the movie is supposed to come out next year!), and even Parenthood will (but it's renewed for the fall at least). I know it's not cool to watch TV in well educated, Christian circles, but I totally don't care. I'd love to have friends that I saw every night at a bar or an extended family that gathered once a week in the back yard for dinner, but that just isn't how my life has played out. (It's actually closer to the Bluth family, just harder to laugh at since it's so close to home!) I'm cool with that. But I'm glad to have the option to hang out at MacClaren's Pub once a week or tag along with the Bravermans to wherever they're all going this week.


Rebecca Brown said...

Oh, I LOVE Betsy-Tacy! They're the best books; we might have to read through them again this summer.

If I were easily offended, I might be upset that you say it's not cool among well-educated Christians to watch tv. Good thing I'm not. Easily offended, that is. Maybe not well-educated either. Anyway...we love Parenthood and Arrested Development! I say just enjoy them! As long as there are also real people you're enjoying too! ;)

barlow said...

I love the Braverman family too; they have a real identity in their relationships and they communicate with each other pretty well (eventually). I also think it is fun to see the Braverman spouses fit into the dynamics of a tight knit family.

jennifer said...

I've allowed Calvin to watch bits of Parenthood with me, and I have told him that I want him and his siblings to grow up and get along like the Braverman siblings do.

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